How Facilities Property Management Can Help Your Business

Commercial properties and businesses that have a facility management company looking after their property management are known to operate more efficiently and be health and safety compliant. Their systems and assets will be in good and safe working order and they will have a professional outlook for both customers, suppliers and employees.

Facilities management comes in varying forms and can offer different types of services

  1. You can use a company that takes care of your property, its upkeep and its systems like boilers, heating, roofing, electrics and more.
  2. You can use a company that will look after your cleaning, your IT systems and your servers as an example your suppliers like your canteen.
  3. You can use a facilities management company who will do both of the above
  4. You can employ a facilities management company on a proactive or reactive basis.

Proactive Facilities Management is a contract with a facilities management business that will maintain your property, systems and or services. They will be responsible for servicing, maintaining and repairing your property and systems and will proactively look out for, and solve potential problems before something becomes an issue or breaks down.

Reactive Facilities Management is a business you use for repairs and emergency repairs as and when you need them. This means you still won’t need to find a plumber or an electrician when you have a problem as you have a facilities management business that you know you can call on when you need them.

You can read more about proactive and reactive facilities management here.

A facilities management company helps your business by ensuring the effective, efficient and safe functioning of its property and the systems within it. Facilities management can be in-house or outsourced and it ensures a property, site and systems are all working safely and efficiently supporting the business to operate effectively

How does outsourcing your facilities management help your business?

Effective facilities management will contribute to the delivery of your strategic and operational objectives as well as the care and maintenance of your property.

On a day-to-day basis, it ensures a safe and efficient working environment which is critical to the performance of every business, however big or small, new or established a business is.

Effective and proactive facilities management combines its resources and trade skills to provide your business and property with the skills and trades on a proactive and reactive basis.

It will save you and your team time and money as you won’t need to find a suitably qualified trade or engineer every time you need one as you know just one call and a callout will be arranged for you.

You won’t get let down by tradespeople as your contract will ensure if a trade cannot attend then they will arrange for another suitably qualified person to come out to you. Not having your systems or property maintained when it needs it can cause you operational disruption and inefficiencies in the long run.

You don’t need to employ your own team of trades across a variety of sectors saving you money in salaries.

Property ManagementYou don’t need to manage any trades or skilled people you have employed as the facilities management company does this for you.

Your facilities management company will ensure your systems are serviced when they need to be and all warranties are adhered to.

Your facilities management company will plan and project manage any building work and any system installations from start to finish, providing you with quotes and advice on your best options for your business and property.

Good facilities management will be proactive in their approach to systems and building upkeep and they won’t leave something to break down or need repair before something is done. They will anticipate your properties and system needs and be proactive in their approach.

Facilities management will reduce your costs in the long term by maintaining your property and systems so they last longer before needing complete replacement. They will also save you resource time in finding a qualified trade to carry out any work that is needed. Building and facilities upkeep and resource often account for some of the largest costs to a business,

A good facilities management company will be looking at proactive ways to decrease the running costs of your business, working with you and offering you advice and solutions to achieve this to decrease your operational costs and increase your profitability.

It is detrimental to your business and brand to have poorly kept property inside and out and systems and this can impact your bottom line.

It has been found that a good, safe and well-kept working environment will decrease your businesses attrition and result in a more engaged workforce. Cutting corners in the upkeep of your property can often have expensive implications in terms of morale, productivity and staff retention.

A good facilities management company will arrange your system services and property maintenance around your operational needs, meaning you don’t have to be without a system or disrupt your team when any maintenance work is happening.

Having a contract with a facilities management business means they will prioritise your breakdowns and unexpected issues to get your systems back up and running quickly, minimising the impact on your operation. Unplanned downtime in a business can result in:

    • Loss of revenue
    • Dissatisfied customers
    • Dissatisfied staff if issues aren’t resolved quickly
    • A negative impact on your reputation and brand
    • In some cases, it can impact the safety of your business dependent on your operation

Good facilities management will play a huge role in maintaining your businesses continuity and will be actively involved in your plans when formulating, testing and evaluating your business continuity plans.

Professional and reputable facility management companies will get to know you and your team, your business and how you operate and need to operate to be profitable. They will understand your policies and procedures and work alongside you to ensure safety and efficiency is always maintained.

Facilities management will improve your properties energy efficiency supporting you to work towards making your business more sustainable and environmentally friendly whilst also decreasing your operational costs. As an example, if your windows and doors aren’t properly insulated you will be paying increased energy costs. If you have leaks in our pipework your water bills will increase, If you have unserviced systems you will need more energy to operate them. All these problems can cause inefficiencies and will waste energy.

Facilities management contracts enable you to budget your property maintenance and costs much more effectively, decreasing the chances of unexpected cost demands when work is required.

How BPS’s Facilities Management Can Help Your Business

We provide a full range of services to suit your property and business needs, giving you peace of mind that we will take care of your property and systems ensuring you only ever have to deal with us and no third party contractors.

Our team and tradespeople are all suitably qualified and attend regular update training sessions.

Our team work together to provide you with a seamless service meaning no disruption or interruption to your business.

We offer a professional and efficient service that takes care of your property needs and system so you don’t have to.

We work alongside you and your team to provide a cost-effective solution to your facility needs.

We work within your policies and procedures and work within all the latest health and safety legislation.

Customer service is the number one priority within our business and is a focus for every team member whether they are answering your call or on-site with you carrying out work or services that are needed.

We offer 24/7 365 days a year emergency services which ensure any of your emergencies or breakdowns are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

We ensure all of our teams have the qualifications and experience needed for every job. Our fully qualified and rounded team are available 24/7. We ensure they receive ongoing training and always follow the latest Health & Safety Legislation

Our teams adhere to all national compliance regulations and British Standards as well as following your business’s policies & procedures

We are environmentally aware and do everything we can to ensure minimal waste and efficient, cost-effective services within our and your business. We are always looking for cleaner and greener ways of working, improving your and our environmental credentials.

We promote and aim to achieve sustainable working solutions for each and every customer.

We track all of your systems and appliances and book their regular maintenances and servicing to keep them running safely and efficiently within all national guidelines.

We work alongside your team and regularly review your property and site to anticipate and plan any future needs.

Our customer service is second to none whether you are talking to your contract manager, our 24/7 customer call centre, or our teams on-site as we know building strong working relationships with our customers is essential to our and your success.

BPS Property Management Commit To

    • The management and maintenance of your property and systems
    • We support you to achieve more cost-effective and efficient systems within your business
    • We support you in the management of health and safety requirements in accordance with industry regulations
    • Our services will increase the lifespan of your business assets
    • We reduce the time needed from your team to maintain your property and systems enabling them to focus on their day to day responsibilities
    • We will reduce the downtime you could experience if systems break down unexpectedly
    • We will work around your operational needs
    • We will supply cost-effective and environmentally friendly systems and products
    • We will carry out preventative maintenance on your property and systems reducing the likelihood of costly repairs and early system replacements
    • We will ensure a safe working environment for your employees
    • We will ensure your property looks at its best in line with your brand and reputation
    • We will ensure health and safety standards are achieved and all assets are working safely and efficiently
    • We will ensure you have all the required legal certificates required for your systems complying with all necessary industry regulations
    • We will plan, design and manage any new system installations and property improvements including testing, maintenance and aftercare
    • We offer proactive and cost-effective solutions for all of your building and system needs
    • Using our facilities services means you can effectively plan your building and system maintenance costs in your budget reducing the likelihood of unexpected costs
    • Handing over the responsibility of your property and system maintenance to BPS will give you peace of mind knowing you have an experienced and professional business with years of experience to look after everything for you

We have a team of professional, qualified, polite and efficient staff and offer a complete engineering, repair and maintenance service for commercial and industrial companies and properties.

We are committed to ensuring our team receive the latest Health & Safety training and it is our priority for both our customers and staff to remain safe at all times. We operate and comply fully in accordance with CDM Regulations HSE 2007 with amendments as necessary. We work alongside you to comply with your businesses safety policies and collaborate with you to develop safe working practices.

Our Property Management Services include:

Commercial Boiler Services
Boiler Installations
Boiler Servicing and Maintenance
Boiler Repair
Boiler Control System Installation, Repair and Maintenance

Commercial Heating Services
Gas Heating Installation
Gas Heating Servicing and Maintenance
Gas Heating Repair

Commercial Plumbing Services
Gas Plumbing and Pipework Installation
Gas Plumbing and Pipework Servicing and Maintenance
Gas Plumbing and Pipework Repair

Commercial Air Conditioning & HVAC
Air Conditioning and Ventilation Installation
Air Conditioning and Ventilation Servicing and Maintenance
Air Conditioning and Ventilation Repair
Air Conditioning and Ventilation Control System Installation, Repair and Maintenance

Commercial Electrical Services
Electrical Installation
Electrical Servicing and Maintenance
Electrical Repair
Electrical Services Testing

Building & Construction
Building and Construction
Building and Construction Servicing and Maintenance
Building and Construction Repair

Commercial Roofing Services
Roofing Installation
Roofing Servicing and Maintenance
Roofing Repair

If you are looking for Facilities Maintenance & Repair Services for your industrial or commercial property management, anywhere in South Wales, the South West of across the UK contact us today on 029 2048 4114 and one of our experts can help.