Reactive & Proactive Facilities Management

Partnering with BPS for your Reactive & Proactive Facilities Management means you know you have us to look after your facility needs and react quickly if a problem occurs with no warning.

Reactive facilities management is carried out at the time when equipment or systems have broken down or they have issues whether that’s operational or safety issues. Reactive facilities management will resolve the problem so they are back up and running as quickly as possible. There are lots of businesses that use a reactive facilities management service, however, there are many benefits to changing and moving to a proactive approach.

What is Proactive Facilities Management?

Proactive facilities management is when you have a team of people with different skills and trades who will maintain your property and systems and proactively look out for and assess potential problems that need addressing before something becomes an issue or breaks down.

Emergency repairs, otherwise known as reactive repairs cost significantly more than planned or proactive repairs, therefore facilities maintenance contracts that rely on reactive maintenance tend to be more expensive in the long run. If an issue occurs during the night or during a business’s optimum operating hours then breakdowns can negatively impact revenue, as well as costing them more for the issue or breakdown to be resolved out of hours.

What are the Disadvantages of Reactive Facilities Management?

Facilities Budget Management

Equipment, system and property failures are unpredictable and you will always pay more for an emergency service compared to a planned service. Often there are high callout charges added to any repair costs and this can have an impact on your planned expenditure. You also don’t know when reactive maintenance and repairs will be needed which can have a huge impact on your projected budget. A proactive facilities management service allows you to plan in a monthly cost to your annual budget meaning the costs are spread over the year and there are no nasty surprises.

Life Span of Assets and Systems

If assets and systems aren’t kept in good repair and serviced when they should be they won’t run to their optimum level which will cost you more in the day to day running of your business when it comes to energy costs, as well as the likelihood of them needing to be replaced earlier than they should be.

Engineer & Management Time

Reactive repairs often take longer for an engineer or trade as they will attend and need to diagnose the fault, potentially order parts, and then carry out the actual repairs all of which will take longer than a planned or proactive repair. There is also an impact on management time as finding a suitably qualified trade can be hugely time-consuming.  Businesses don’t answer your call and or call you back, you find yourself having to call lots of businesses to find someone and often you then have to wait for them to have the availability to come out to you. using a proactive facilities management service means that only one call needs to be made and an engineer or trade will be on their way to you. This saves a huge amount of time for team members overall.

Equipment & System Downtime

Planned servicing and maintenance can be arranged out of hours or at lower performance times meaning there is less impact to your business, reactive maintenance and repairs often need to be done when it happens and can cause huge disruption to a business.

Recurring Problems

Reactive repairs will often just get equipment or systems back up and running again or in safe working order which often results in the problem recurring again. Proactive maintenance means that systems are serviced when they should be and potential problems are identified and resolved before they become a major issue.

Higher Energy Costs

If equipment and systems aren’t serviced regularly or when they should be they won’t operate at their optimum resulting in them being less efficient which will increase your energy costs for your business. A proactive facilities management contract will plan in services and checks for property, equipment and systems and ensure they are running as efficiently as they can be.

What are the Advantages of Reactive Maintenance?

Initial costs of reactive maintenance tend to be lower and money is saved on the upfront cost of maintaining and servicing systems, however, if you have issues and systems and equipment isn’t looked after it will cost you more in the long run.

What are the Advantages of Proactive Maintenance?

Proactive Facilities ManagementImproved Budget Management

Proactive facilities management can be planned into your budget forecast on a monthly basis spreading the cost and reducing ad hoc spend which you aren’t expecting. Using a facilities management business means your costs for all the maintenance included in your contract will be invoiced monthly or quarterly.

Increased Life Span of Assets and Systems

Your facilities management company will plan in your equipment and system services, keeping them in their warranties if they are covered and also keeping them running efficiently and at their optimum levels meaning their life span will be longer with no need for unnecessary early and costly replacements.

Decreased Engineer & Management Time

Your time or your team’s time is reduced as you won’t have to find a trade or business to come out to your business and repair equipment or systems. If you have a problem just call your facilities management company and they will do the rest. They will assign an appropriate team member and take into account your operation and operating hours. Servicing will be carried out when it needs to be and these tend to highlight any fixes or repairs that may be needed to prevent an issue or breakdown further down the line at often inconvenient times.

Reduced Equipment Downtime

Planned servicing and maintenance can be arranged out of your operating hours or at lower performance times compared to reactive maintenance and emergency repairs that need to be done when it happens often causing more disruption.

Decreased Recurring Problems

Planned proactive repairs are carried out fully with enough time given to do the job properly rather than the bare minimum to get a system back up and running again quickly which is often the case with an emergency or reactive repair.

Reduced Energy Costs

Regularly serviced equipment and systems will operate at their optimum efficiency reducing your energy costs for your business.

Trust & Reliability

Using proactive facilities management means you and your teams get to know and trust the facilities management company you use. They will understand your safety policies and work alongside you to get the most out of your property and systems.

Emergency Repair Service

Using a facilities management company for your proactive maintenance means you won’t be charged often high call out charges if you have an unexpected issue or breakdown as this service is normally included as part of your contract with them.

BPS’s aim as a Facilities Management Company is to support commercial properties and businesses to remain safe and operational by resolving problems quickly and cost-effectively, utilising our widely skilled and experienced team.

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Our Proactive Facilities Management Services Include:

Access to our 24/7 Helpdesk – Our helpdesk team is there if you need us at whatever time of the day or night it is. We are available 24/7 365 days a year and we will quickly establish which service you need and assign the appropriate team member without any delays

Always a BPS Team Member – We do not subcontract any of our work so you can be assured that one of our uniformed team members will always come out to you.

Our BPS Team Accreditations & Qualifications – Our team all carry industry-specific accreditations (Gas Safe, NICEIC, Chas and B&ES;) and we have ₤10m of public and third-party liability insurance.

Our Hubs – We have hubs throughout Wales, the South West of England and the M4 Corridor to enable us to get out to you quickly if you need us.

Our Technical Support Team – Our technical support team is always on hand to answer any questions our team may have when they are out on a job and this supports them to resolve and repair systems and equipment safely and quickly.

Our Planning – We plan any equipment and system services that are needed so they are always carried out within the required timescales.

Our engineers – Our engineers routinely repair 90% of breakdowns on their initial visit.

Our Team – Our team will proactively assess your property and advise you of any work or repairs that are needed.

Bespoke to You & Peace of Mind – We offer planned maintenance contracts to include all aspects of facility management that you need. This includes inspection, safety inspections & certification, servicing, maintenance and repair with access to our highly reactive emergency support teams. Our maintenance contracts ensure that your systems and building are fully serviced and certified giving you peace of mind as well as a smooth and problem-free, reliable operation.

Quality Assurance – All our work is completed to the highest standard and quality and in line with statutory building compliance. Only the engineers with the relevant accreditations and qualifications are dispatched in line with the work required.

Health & Safety – Health & Safety for our customers and team is our priority and we are committed to ensuring our managers and staff receive the latest safety training. We operate and fully comply in accordance with CDM Regulations HSE 2007 with amendments as necessary.

Working With You – We work alongside our customers and positively engage with your Health & Safety procedures, working closely with you to encourage and develop safe working practices.

Our Project Team – If you have a new system or building requirement our Project Team can be utilised to plan, design and manage it through to completion for you, decommissioning any old systems in the process.

Contract Reviews – We have regular contract reviews with you to look at the work we have carried out for you, what we have planned and other areas we think we could assist you in.

About BPS and Our Proactive Facilities Management Services

We have a team of hardworking, experienced and skilled experts who deliver essential services and solutions to keep systems and property safe and working at their optimum for each and every customer.

Our team of joiners, electricians, engineers and construction engineers have all the skills and certifications required to ensure your project or your business runs smoothly, efficiently and in a timely manner without you needing to deal with subcontractors.

We offer our Facilities Management Services throughout Wales, the South West of England and the M4 Corridor and we are a supplier that can offer you a genuine and competitive professional solution. Contact us today on 029 20 484114 and one of our experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have or arrange an appointment for you.