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Roof Construction

BPS Facilities Ltd specialise in all aspects of roofing refurbishment & new roof construction.

From slate replacement to large new roof installations or re-roofing, we specialise in all aspects of slated, tiled, thermoplastic, steel, flat and fibreglass covered roofs. We only use high-quality materials on our roofing projects so you can be sure that your roof will be strong, weatherproof and durable for many years.

All roofing works are carefully evaluated for correct product application, thermal performance & environmental impact. We install and maintain all types of roofing and cladding systems including curved roofing (standing seam systems), flat roofing (single ply) roofing, steel and composite panelling.

 As a company, we ensure compliance with current industry/ building regulations for all roof installations.

From a roof refurbishment or complete re-roofing service, you can be assured of the highest quality workmanship from our expert and experienced roofing services team.

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Commercial Roofing Specialists

We specialise in all forms of commercial roofing, including: 

Flat Roofing Construction and Repairs

Our flat roofing team are experts in new fibreglass (GRP) roofing, mastic asphalt, EPDM (Rubber) and Felt GRP roofing, flat roof repairs, liquid roofing & roof windows such as skylights or lanterns.

Roof Tiles Replacement

Regardless of how many roofing tiles need replacing, BPS roofing team have a stock of the most popular clay and concrete tiles used in South Wales. We also have access to a number of suppliers who can match and dispatch roof tiles quickly, so your roof is weatherproof without any significant delay.

Steel Roofing Installing and Repairs

Metal roofing, and specifically stainless-steel roofs, are growing in popularity on commercial and industrial buildings. They offer a wide range of benefits including a long-lasting lifespan, fantastic weather resistance, high energy efficiency whilst being low in weight (improving the structural integrity of the building) and are aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain.

BPS can install or repair any metal roofing including zinc, copper, lead and, of course, steel roofing. Whatever your corrugated roof is made of – BPS can help.

EPDM / Rubber Roofs

Being able to withstand freezing arctic conditions through to the blistering heat of the Arab States, EPDM membranes ensure the water-tightness of a roof longer than other waterproofing membranes, making it more cost-effective on price.

EPDM is a roofing membrane made of a synthetic rubber Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Terpolymer which is 100% cured single-ply and can be easily fitted to any size of commercial flat roof, reducing the labour time during the installation process.

Thermoplastic Roofing System

Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) is a type of roofing membrane that is usually chosen for its high energy efficiency and its’ durability (it does not rot nor is weakened by UV light).

In some circumstances, TPO roofing can be effectively used to recover over an existing flat roof. Saving time, money and disposal of the original membrane.

Modified Bitumen / Asphalt Roofing Solutions

Reinforced bitumen flat roofing systems are ideal for both new build or re-roofing projects.

It is a very versatile form of roofing and can be applied to a range of surfaces, including timber, concrete and metal. Mastic asphalt is thought to be the most reliable of all flat roof systems, offering weatherproof and waterproof integrity for many different types of commercial roofs.

Mastic asphalt can also be applied to balconies, paving or basement flooring and is versatile enough to be used on sloped or curved services.

Coated Roof Systems

Coated roof systems more commonly called “liquid roof” roof coatings have many advantages over traditional roof waterproofing systems. It can be applied to metal, concrete, bitumen, asbestos and felt roofing to create a seamless roof covering. Re-covering the existing roof system saves time, labour and the cost of removing the existing roof.

BPS Facilities Ltd provides roofing services, installation and repairs to a wide range of customers in a variety of business sectors throughout the UK including:

  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Offices
  • Hospitals & Care Sectors
  • Historic Buildings
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Utility Sectors
  • Leading UK Charities
  • Factories & Industrial Units
  • Hotels & Leisure Facilities

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