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With the ever-increasing cost of fuel and the environmental impact of using fossil fuels, the need for the most efficient operation of your heating plant or heating system is extremely important.

A Boiler Management Control System (BMCS) enables your boiler to fire, provides a set point, controls the pumps and blending valves, and monitors its operation and alarms. Combustion control regulates the air supplied to a burner to maintain efficiency in the combustion process.

A boiler sequence control manages your heating system if it uses several boilers, most common in a boiler plant control room. If your heating system uses more than one boiler you can save energy and costs by controlling how many fire up at a time. Boilers lose efficiency when they operate with low thermal load because of heat losses and a Boiler sequence controller helps to manage this.

  • Heating System optimization
  • Heating system Weather compensation
  • System zoning
  • BMS systems
  • Integrated control systems
  • Energy management controllers
  • Energy management advice


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BPS Commercial Boiler Control Systems Installation, Repair & Maintenance

Our Commercial Gas Engineer teams have comprehensive and practical experience in the installation and maintenance of commercial boilers and heating systems. We manage and maintain systems ranging from smaller boilers right up to full plant rooms. Our team install and manage commercial boiler management systems and these make it possible for our team to pinpoint problems with your heating before they start. Through an online system, our team can keep track of precise faults on your heating and cooling system, diagnose them and resolve them remotely. If we are not able to fix it remotely then the team will have identified the fault and be able to order any parts needed enabling us to fix any issues on our first call out. As well as your boiler system being maintained a boiler control system offers you more efficiency from your boiler system, reducing costs and energy used.

If you are considering installing a new boiler system or appliance then we offer a full consultancy service to advise you on the industry’s most up to date and state-of-the-art energy-efficient, and cost-saving products. Our experts will plan and design your new system, and project manage right through to the installation, testing and sign of stages. We can offer you a planned maintenance service after the installation giving you peace of mind it is always working at its optimum.

A regular maintenance visit will prevent issues with your systems before they become a problem. Our Planned Maintenance Contracts are designed specifically around every customer’s individual needs and are carried out by our qualified Commercial Gas Engineers in line with your businesses and all current Health & Safety regulations. Full Risk Assessment and Method Statements are always provided.

Our Gas Engineers qualifications and experience make it possible for us to deal with all types of plumbing, heating, boiler or gas related problems.

Every team member at BPS is focused on delivering the absolute best service every time and this is driven through our customer focus ethos. Our team will only carry out a repair if it needs doing and always complete their work to the highest of standards.

All our Gas Engineers are customer facing and have exceptional communication skills with the ability to explain to our clients the work that is needed and keep them updated on the progress of the job.

We are Gas Safe Registered and have an in-house team of qualified Commercial Gas Engineers who ensure any gas work repairs and servicing are safe and compliant with requirements and regulations and your system is running efficiently.


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