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For those who operate a business from a commercial premise you are aware of the impact which a system failure can have on staff, customers as well as “bottom line”. At BPS Facilities Ltd we understand the advantages of a dependable, skilled and affordable property maintenance company in Newport and we take great pride in supplying a speedy and reliable property maintenance service all throughout South Wales.

We handle every aspect of planned and emergency maintenance which includes:

Commercial Plumbing Newport

Commercial plumbing has to do with the installation and maintenance of systems that provide water and dispose of waste from properties, businesses and industries. This kind of plumbing is carried out on a large scale. A commercial plumber is involved with supplying and maintaining the outdoor and indoor plumbing needs of buildings.

A leak could possibly be the most detrimental and costly issue for your company. It could affect the long-term property value and cause you to temporarily close your business. If you suffer this kind of unfortunate event you will need somebody who knows the commercial property plumbing system and who is experienced enough to quickly fix the issue without any problems in order to return to work as soon as possible.

Business property and commercial plumbing is completely different from domestic plumbing. Commercial plumbing requires a far more qualified plumbing professional as well as highly developed instruments and experience in working on large commercial plumbing and heating technology. This is why it is imperative that you opt for a commercial plumbing company which has the technology, know-how and manpower to handle any commercial plumbing challenge, twenty-four hours a day.

How to choose the best commercial plumbing company for your project:

Proven Track Record

You must check the history of the plumbing company. Make sure they are an actual commercial plumbing contractor company and not residential plumbers seeking to break into the commercial marketplace.

Request examples of very similar work they have conducted and don’t hesitate to request work references along with the testimonials from their previous customers. You will probably want to ask how long they’ve been in the business along with the tools and systems they use, to make sure it is the most recent technology.

In addition to their previous work and track record, you will need to carry out additional checks.


There are health and safety laws which are imposed on properties and a plumbing contractor is required to understand the standards for the work being carried out. Additionally, there is water supply and drainage guidelines that should be followed and the plumbing engineer has to know them and make sure that he conforms to them. Plumbers are required to make certain that every one of the plumbing systems in a building is very well maintained in order to prevent plumbing related emergency situations.

Before choosing your commercial plumbing services provider you need to request credentials for example licenses or certificates. Although these documents do not necessarily imply they give great service, they do make certain they have credibility as a business enterprise and they’re legally compliant.

Commercial Plumbing Charges

You also need to ask the commercial plumbing company for detailed quotes on the work to be carried out.

Costs and charges are very important, however, they mustn’t be the only consideration in choosing quality professional plumbing services. This is why you need to to take into consideration their work experience (delayed projects as a result of issues can be expensive), the Engineers they may have available (setbacks because of an absence of workers may also be costly) and availability. Can they provide the appropriate quantity of skilled Technicians on-site, proficiently accomplishing the project devoid of delays or mistakes and on time?

Service Guarantee

Always remember to ask for a service guarantee or warranty. If you find a problem with the service or hardware further down the line you’ll want to be reassured that the fault will be fixed without you paying any additional costs.

At BPS Facilities we provide complete commercial plumbing services in Newport and throughout South Wales. We provide a professional planned and reactive maintenance service to many organisations throughout the United Kingdom.

Commercial Air Conditioning & HVAC Newport


commercial property services Newport

Commercial air conditioning, air handling plant maintenance and HVAC systems are often more significant to a company than first realised. If you have a server room that requires a constant temperature or rooms in hotels, office buildings, places of worship or retail premises that benefit from a comfortable temperature then a failure in the air systems can soon lead to a huge concern for patrons, staff and cost the business revenue.

BPS Facilities provide expert air conditioning services in Newport and throughout South Wales. Our services include the design and installation of your units or system. Redundant systems can be decommissioned and gas reclaimed from them. In addition, redundant systems can be removed from your facility. We also provide a wide-ranging after-sales service plan.

Service and planned routine maintenance programs are also available for all business-oriented air conditioning and HVAC systems.

Commercial Electricians Newport

Commercial electrical engineers specialise in working on the power supply in industrial properties, factories, and any other type of commercial property. This type of electrical work greatly differs from residential work because of the amount of power that is involved, the wiring and units and because of the regulations that must be followed.

There are a variety of different solutions that are offered to commercial properties and here are a few to take into consideration:

The main service and aspect of commercial electrical work is routine maintenance. Significant commercial buildings take a great deal of routine maintenance and service work on a regular basis. Most of these properties have a planned routine maintenance program with a commercial electrical company to help keep everything in working order. The majority of the components in a commercial building also need to be serviced regularly by a qualified electrical contractor.

Running all of the cables and wiring for any commercial building is a massive activity in itself. A commercial electrical installer must follow extremely stringent codes, keep all cables concealed, and keep each wire safe from being damaged – on a large scale this requires expertise and experience. There can be miles and miles of electrical wiring in an office building or commercial property.

Many electrical systems that power a commercial complex or building are run below the ground. A highly trained commercial electrical Engineer can tunnel all of the power lines safely and proficiently. They can also map out a plan to where the whole thing can be serviced very easily and to make sure every line is routed successfully. This is just one of several instances of how complicated this kind of electrical work can be, and why the electrics in a commercial building needs to be left to the commercial experts.

BPS Facilities commercial electricians in Newport are specially qualified and certified to the highest standard to be able to accomplish any commercial electrical project.

Why Consider BPS Facilities?

At BPS Facilities Ltd we take great pride in our dedication to customer support for all our Commercial Property Maintenance Customers. We provide planned maintenance and 24-hour emergency cover.

We have a vast knowledge of working in the following market sectors:


  • Care Home Maintenance
  • Crematoria
  • Food Production, Process and Bakery Maintenance
  • Health Club Maintenance
  • Hospitality and Entertainment
  • Hotels, Pub and Restaurant Maintenance
  • Incineration and Industrial Burner Maintenance
  • Industrial and Warehouse Maintenance
  • Market Garden, Agricultural and Horticultural
  • Public and Municipal Building Maintenance
  • University and Student Accommodation Maintenance

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