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    BPS Facilities Ltd
    Western House
    Ipswich Road
    CF23 9AQ

    Phone: 029 2048 4114

    Fax: 029 2085 2100

    BPS Facilities Services offer a wide range of planned and reactive building maintenance services to ensure all of your property maintenance needs are met meaning you don’t need to worry about them or have an in-house team to manage and take care of them.

    We have a full team of experts who have the qualifications and experience to maintain your property, service appliances, repair and install new systems and this ensures you don’t have to deal with multiple contractors.

    Our service team in our contact centre are on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to answer your call if you need us, whether that’s in an emergency or if you need to talk to us to arrange a property repair or service. Our expert team categorises every call and ensures a qualified team member is dispatched to you at a time to suit you.

    We work alongside our customers and can offer one-off services or a maintenance contract that is bespoke to yours and your businesses or property requirements. We work alongside you, your team and your policies and procedures to ensure your commercial or industrial property is safe and always in pristine condition.

    Our account managers, managers and staff are always up to date with the latest Health & Safety requirements and we operate and fully comply in accordance with CDM Regulations HSE 2007 with amendments as necessary. We and our teams work within our clients’ safety procedures and work closely with you to develop safe working practices.

    Our Commercial Facilities Services Include:

    • Boiler Installations Including Full Planning and Design
    • Boiler Servicing and Maintenance
    • Boiler Repairs
    • Boiler Control System Installation, Repair and Maintenance


    • Gas Heating Installations Including Full Planning and Design
    • Gas Heating Servicing and Maintenance
    • Gas Heating Repairs


    • Gas, oil, L.P.G, Electrode and Biomass Boiler Installations, Replacements, Repair & Maintenance
    • Domestic Hot water boilers
    • Plate heat exchangers
    • System upgrades
    • Flue system installation
    • High-efficiency boiler plant installations


    • Plumbing and Pipework Installations Including Full Planning and Design
    • Plumbing and Pipework Servicing and Maintenance
    • Plumbing and Pipework Repairs


    • Air Conditioning and Ventilation Installation Including Full Planning and Design
    • Air Conditioning and Ventilation Servicing and Maintenance
    • Air Conditioning and Ventilation Repairs
    • Air Conditioning and Ventilation Control System Installation, Repairs and Maintenance


    • Electrical Installations Including Full Planning and Design
    • Electrical Servicing and Maintenance
    • Electrical Repairs
    • Electrical Safety Testing


    • Building and Construction
    • Building and Construction Services and Maintenance
    • Building and Construction Repairs
    • Building and Construction Development Projects


    • Roofing Installation
    • Roofing Servicing and Maintenance
    • Roofing Repairs

    Contact us today to find out how our professional, reputable and reliable facilities services enable you to run your business whilst we look after your property.