Choosing the right Mechanical Engineering Contractor for you

Commercial and industrial buildings are becoming more and more complex by the day. They are fitted with various appliances such as heating, electrical, and cooling systems. It takes a lot of work to ensure all these systems are working smoothly and efficiently throughout the day and night.  This is where a Mechanical Engineering Contractor comes in so handy. If you own a commercial building or business, you might be wondering where to get a mechanical engineer to be responsible for the repair and maintenance work for your property. The following article will help you understand what and who you should be looking for to ease the pressure of ensuring all of your systems are safe, reliable and efficient in your search for a mechanical engineering contractor.

What is a Mechanical Engineering contractor?

M&E is an industry abbreviation that refers to the different levels of maintenance, including the mechanical and electrical installations in a building. A mechanical engineering contractor is a qualified specialist that maintains the mechanical and electrical systems within a property. They play a vital part in the day-to-day operations of a commercial building or business and its overall efficiency.

Choosing a Mechanical Engineering contractor?

Several factors should be considered when procuring a mechanical and electrical contractor, including:


All legitimate mechanical and electrical contractors should be accredited and certified by recognised bodies as proof of their competence to work in this industry. In the UK, the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation (NICEIC) is mandated to assess the proficiency of domestic, as well as commercial electricians. Contractors that have been certified by the NICEIC go through a rigorous assessment process that includes site visits, an appraisal of the premises, equipment and documentation, and even sample works. This ensures safety as they carry out their services whilst conforming to standards as laid out by the Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE). 

High-quality workmanship

A good mechanical engineering contractor should demonstrate high standards of quality when rendering their services. As an example, considering how vital your HVAC system is to the efficient operation of your property, you should never take chances when it comes to quality workmanship. For a contractor, this will mean not only conforming to the standards set by the IEE but also being proactive in ensuring all your work is done when it needs to be done, neatly and in an orderly manner. All repairs should be completed so that there is no recurrence of the same issues and it operates within the required safety standards.

Safety standards

Mechanical and electrical systems in a commercial building are full of hazards that could cause serious damage to the occupants or extreme damage to the property. As such, your professional contractor should uphold the highest safety standards and have a full and complete understanding of the system they are looking after. There are many safety standards applicable to electrical work, ranging from installations to repairs. You should ensure that the potential contractor is conversant with all these standards. They should also wear the relevant safety gear and work with the correct equipment to prevent injury in case something goes wrong. You don’t want to end up paying damages for injuries sustained when it could have been avoidable and you should always ensure they have their own insurance to cover them in any events such as these.

Reviews and testimonials

The contractor you are considering should be able to provide testimonials from previous clients and this gives you an opportunity to talk to them about the services and the experience of working with them. Were they professional in rendering their services and was the quality up to standard? Also, have a look at the contractor’s website to check it looks professional and they will often have examples of their work. If they don’t have a review section on their website then again ask to speak to customers they work with or have worked with in the past. 

Skill and knowledge

There are many systems in a commercial building that require routine maintenance, including heating, electrical and cooling systems, etc. All these are subject to wear and will break down if not well maintained. Therefore, you need a mechanical engineering contractor with comprehensive skills that can handle all of your systems comfortably. As well as identifying design solutions or adjustments, sourcing spare parts, and making recommendations that will save on the costs of running the property or business, they should be highly knowledgeable in all of the systems you will need them to maintain.


A good mechanical engineering contractor will appreciate how your building operates and strive to achieve peak efficiency. They should come up with planned preventive maintenance times that will not interrupt your operations. They should have a maintenance schedule that will not increase downtime for your business with frequent and disruptive visits. They should also offer an emergency call-out service so you know they are available 24/7 if you need them.


You should find a mechanical engineering contractor that will work with you to ensure the productivity and efficacy of your property or business is always at its maximum. They will demonstrate this by recommending solutions to improve your system efficiencies and not just carry out routine service and maintenance. Proactive solutions are far more valuable than reactive ones when it comes to maintenance and costs. They will prevent costly repairs and downtime that will cost your business valuable time and money. A good mechanical engineering contractor will talk to you about their preventative and maintenance services and this will show you they have the right focus for your commercial property or business. 

Cost of Mechanical Engineering Services

Price is always a factor when procuring the services of a professional. You always want to find someone that is within your budget and it is not a strain on your business finances. Take caution not to always go for the cheapest option, as this could mean a compromise on the quality of their work and services.


Choosing the right mechanical engineering contractor for your property is easy if you consider all of the factors we have discussed in our article. Taking your time to review your potential candidates will ensure you make the right decision for your property or business. The above guide offers all the tips to use when searching for the best mechanical engineering contractor for you and your business.

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