Boiler Room Design and Installation

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A plant room is also often referred to as either a mechanical room or a boiler room. It is a dedicated space that houses the systems and equipment needed to provide or supply property or businesses services including, electrical distribution, gas supply, ventilation, heating and hot water.

The planning of a boiler plant room of a commercial boiler is extremely important to ensure it is safe and cost-effective for your business. Inadequate planning and installation of the equipment and pipework will result in an inefficient system which will cause you problems including being a serious risk to health and safety for your business or commercial property.

BPS design specialists have years of experience and expertise when it comes to designing, installing and maintaining your plant room, taking into account the location, power sources, output requirements, business needs, efficiencies and health and safety is paramount.

We are proud of our boiler room designs and installations and are trusted throughout Wales and the South West to provide exceptional service, high-quality, efficient systems and a second to none aftercare service. Our engineers are all qualified to carry out their designated jobs and we invest a lot of time and money into additional training throughout our business.

We offer maintenance and repair contracts for your boiler plant room so you can leave its maintenance, servicing and repairs to us meaning there are no or minimal disruptions to your business. We work alongside you as a partner and ensure we understand your business and operational needs when it comes to installation, servicing and repairs.

Our commercial boiler room design service utilises every inch of space available and provides optimum energy output performance without compromising on safety for you and your teams. Contact us today on 029 20 484114 to find out how we can help you and your business or property become more efficient.

Not all industrial boilers need to be installed in a boiler room and our experts will advise you of the type of boiler you need for your property and business to give you the optimum output and efficiency. Certain types and sizes of boilers have to be installed in a boiler plant room and they have to be designed and installed specifically for the boiler system and in accordance with the manufacturers, technical instructions and this is specified by UK law to ensure the boiler and boiler room is safe.

The design and installation of a boiler plant room should always be done by an expert like BPS Facilities who have experience with industrial boilers and plant rooms for the design, installation and maintenance aspects.

What is a Boiler Room or a Boiler Plant Room?

A boiler room or a boiler plant room is a room that houses all of the boiler systems and pipework that are needed to heat and provide output to a building or business. It doesn’t always have to be a complex set up and often it can be a gas or electric boiler and pipework that is big enough to provide the heat and hot water for the specific property. Every property and business is different so every plant room is different. Some are extremely complex and supply heat and power for factories, large complexes or large and complicated machinery.

A boiler or plant room is often the heart of a commercial operation, controlling the electrical circuits and providing the power needed for lighting through to heating, hot water and machinery. A plant room ensures that an industrial or commercial property including factories, manufacturing operations, hospitals, large scale offices, leisure centres, hotels, shopping complexes etc can heat, cool and provide the required electricity to ensure the building and its components operate as they need to, efficiently and safely. A plant room can provide power for many different systems and will be different sizes depending on the property and the business.

What does a Boiler Plant Room House?

Air conditioning HVAC Systems
Air handling units
Boiler systems and thermostats
Ventilation systems
Access control systems
Back-up compressors
Back-up generators
Gas pipework
Fire alarm systems
Air ducts and filters
Refrigeration & chiller systems
Water heaters
Heat exchangers
Water heaters
Water tanks
Water pumps
Water pipework
Storage tanks
Sprinkler systems
Electrical equipment and control panels
Gas supply
Lift controls
IT backup systems

Plant rooms may contain other specialised equipment, but this will depend entirely on the type of business. Every plant room is different and will be designed around the size and needs of the property or business.

BPS Facilities come out to your business or property and do a thorough and in-depth site assessment. We take the time to learn about your operation and business needs and our specialist team will then plan and design the best plant room for you. We use the latest technology and manufacturers when it comes to your systems and all come with lengthy warranty periods.

Health & Safety

Before we install any equipment we work alongside you to understand your health and safety procedures. We operate and fully comply in accordance with CDM Regulations HSE 2007 with amendments as necessary and encourage and develop safe working practices with you when we are onsite.

Our Plant Room Considerations

  • Any flooring must meet legal slip-resistance requirements
  • At times soundproofing must be installed to ensure the sound output of the boiler room is below the legal decibel level
  • All required safety equipment and fire extinguishers must be accessible
  • Emergency exit routes must be easy to follow and navigate

Both the design and installation are extremely complex as all the systems and pipework have to be taken into account. These include:

Industrial boilers must be installed on a level space and in a suitable safe location
The chimney and pipework must be installed with the required safety valves
The pipework must be insulated with the appropriate material
The final installation must be approved and the commissioning permits must be obtained

As an experienced and professional Industrial boiler plan room installer we understand the legal requirements when it comes to installation, maintenance and repair and will ensure your plant room is safe, operating effectively and efficiently.

We offer planned maintenance contracts meaning you don’t need to worry about the servicing requirements of your systems after it has been installed and emergency repairs to ensure your property or business operation is back up and running quickly. This minimises unnecessary costs of unexpected breakdowns and the subsequent operational problems and costs for your business.

Plant rooms have to pass rigorous audits by regulatory organisations within sectors to ensure the property and facility is safe for the people within the property, the surrounding properties, as well as the property emissions, are within the legal and required limits.

We schedule all the required legal servicing and maintenance visits and can carry out the maintenance checks for gas, oil, electrical, plumbing, ventilation and HVAC systems.

Our experts work with commercial customers across Wales and the South West to ensure they don’t have to worry about their vital plant rooms. Our engineers offer expert advice and devise maintenance plans so that your plant room equipment runs at maximum efficiency, resulting in lower running costs.

We provide the services you need to ensure your industrial unit, factory, office or large premises are kept safe and within all Health & Safety guidelines and requirements.

Boiler Room DesignOur Boiler Plant Room Services

Plant room design, supply, installation & training
Plant room reconstructions, upgrades & modernisations
Planned inspections & certifications
Health & Safety Risk Assessments
System outage tests
Full servicing, maintenance & repair
24/7 Emergency Callouts
Building reconstruction, refurbishment, upgrades maintenance
Bespoke plant room service contracts

If you need to change any systems in your plant room. Our qualified and expert engineers will advise you on the most up to date technology to ensure your property is energy efficient and as eco friendly as possible. We work alongside all of the major manufacturers and suppliers and our teams attend regular training to ensure they are always up to date with any new products, features and regulatory requirements.

Our project team manage the design, supply and installation from start to finish and we work alongside you to ensure there is minimal disruption to your business, so whether you are looking to install a new plant room. upgrade or modernise we can help.

For boiler room systems, our Gas Safe engineers and other specialists provide professional installation, maintenance, and repair services 24/7, 365 days a year. During your maintenance checks, we will provide you with the safety reports you need to show that your plant room and plant room systems are safe and working efficiently, as well as keeping it within their warranty period.

We offer upgrades for all makes, models and brands of commercial plant room equipment.

Our Plant Room Inspections

We offer complete plant room inspection for any new business or property that has a fully operational plant room as part of our commercial maintenance contracts. In addition to inspecting each system, we will provide you with a full written report on its safety advising you of any required repairs or maintenance.

Our Health & Safety Risk Assessments

We have Gas Safe Engineers with years and years of experience dealing with plant room safety issues. If you have a maintenance contract with us, we will carry out an annual Health & Safety risk assessment.

Our Plant Room Outage Tests

We can verify your plant room systems on a regular basis as part of our plant room services to establish protocols to follow if there is a system outage, or if your business experiences problems. Our planned outage tests will ensure your team know exactly what to do if you ever have an issue with one of your plant room systems, allowing them to minimise any disruption to your business operations.

Our Plant Room Maintenance Contracts

We work with you to develop a business relationship and agreement that supports the daily operations of your business, allowing you to focus on what you do best: running it. Our contracts are bespoke to your plant room, systems and business as we understand that each one is different

As part of your bespoke maintenance agreement, we will plan when we need to come out and service each system, so you don’t have to book every time.

Whether it is a full service or maintenance check or an inspection and maintenance report for a part of your system, we provide you with detailed recommendations for repairs and further diagnostic tests. This will prevent future issues and prevent system breakdowns and failures that will likely impact your business.

Our maintenance contracts include a 24/7, 365 day a year emergency repair service, and one of our engineers will come out to you immediately to resolve any issues, minimising any disruption to your business.

Our engineers will understand the impact that any loss of plant room systems and they will quickly and efficiently repair your systems by scheduling any follow up visits that are needed.

If you need help with your boiler plant room, contact us today on 029 20 484114 and one of our experts will be able to help.