Adapting your Business or Workplace to Safely Reopen Discussed by BPS Facilities

Many more business owners and managers of local services are now thinking and planning how they can adapt to ensure they are able to reopen again now the government has eased some of the lockdown measures. Local shops can reopen again as from 15th June if they have the right social distancing and safety measures in place and many other services such as beauty salons and hairdressers are planning to reopen as of 4th July, if the re-opening of businesses staged plan goes ahead. At BPS we are now supporting you with Adapting your Business or Workplace to Safely Reopen.

Every business owner and, or manager has a responsibility to ensure their staff and customers are safe when they reopen and this includes them rigorously planning social distancing measures, policies and procedures.

In the short term, no business will be able to operate in the same way as they did and no one really knows how long this will go on for so the best option is for you to plan for how it will currently work within the new guidelines. The new rules set out by the government mean you will have to vigorously assess your workplace and business and make decisions on how to adapt your environment and procedures from your Health & Safety Risk Assessments to ensure you can work safely, protecting your staff and customers.

BPS Facilities are helping many businesses put their reopening plans and actions into place to ensure social distancing of staff and customers is possible as well as hand washing and sanitising.

Your plans may mean you need to move desks and workstations around, you may need additional electric sockets installed, additional handwashing facilities for your team, you may need your office or shop redesigned and remodelled, you may need glass or perspex partitions put in and clear instruction signs put up. The list is endless and we understand quite daunting but we are available to support you through all of the changes and updates to your business. Whether it’s an office, retail area or local service we can help manage the changes using all of our different trades within our facilities business.

Government Timeline for Reopening your Business

1st June 2020 – Outdoor markets and car showrooms allowed to reopen. They will be expected to follow the new Staying COVID-19 Secure guidelines.

15th June 2020 – All remaining non-essential retail businesses will be able to reopen subject to following the government’s COVID-19 Secure guidelines. This will include shops selling clothes, shoes, toys, furniture, books, and electronics, plus tailors, auction houses, photography studios, and indoor markets.

4th July 2020 – Plans to open at least some of the remaining businesses which have been forced to close. Some of these businesses may still not be able to reopen safely at this time or will only able to partially open. These types of businesses include:

  • Hairdressers
  • Foodservice providers
  • Pubs
  • Cinemas

The government has set up task forces to help with the reopening of pubs and restaurants, non-essential retail (including hair and beauty salons) and recreation and leisure businesses.

The FSB has lots of support and information available to you and has published COVID-19: Practical guidance for businesses will be key to reopening the economy safely.

The government has published guidelines on how to make your workplace as safe as possible when you are planning to re-open and this information and guidance is critical to ensure we slow the spread of coronavirus as well as allow the economy to slowly come back into play.

Details of the Government’s Guidance can be found here.

In summary:

  • Workspaces should be designed to allow 2-metre distancing
  • Staggering start times should be implemented
  • One-way walking systems should be in place
  • Other measures include opening more entrance and exit points for staff and customers
  • Changing the layout of break rooms
  • Adding additional washing facilities for staff
  • Having hand sanitizer available at entry and exit points
  • Frequent deep cleaning policies and practices should be implemented with regular checks in place with checks more frequently and have handwashing facilities or

The Governments Help and Advice for The 5 Steps to working Safely during Coronavirus (COVID-19) can be found here.

Remodelling your Office or Retail Area

If you are having to think about redesigning or remodelling your whole office or retail area then we can help. We can work with any plans you have made or come in and help you work out how to make the most of your space. Our carpenters and joiners can move desks or fixed furniture, build new desks, put up partitions, shelving, our electricians will install new sockets to ensure you have a power supply where you need it and our expert plumbers can add additional washing facilities if you need it. Our service also includes us assisting you in making one way systems and creating barriers and securing signs to ensure this is visible and clear to your teams and customers. If you need general upkeep and maintenance before you reopen or even if you are open already then we can help and we will work with you to ensure your operation isn’t affected whilst we work.

Moving Fixed Desks & Creating Additional Desks or Workstations

If you already have fixed desks within your office or retail outlet then you may need to move them to ensure they are 2 metres apart to abide by the government’s guidelines. We can dismantle old fixed desks if they are no longer in the best place for social distancing and build new ones if you need them. The government are advising that for businesses that can no longer operate with staff working from home that you should use screens or barriers to separate people from each other, use back-to-back or side-to-side working options (rather than face-to-face), and whenever possible reduce the number of people each person has contact with by using ‘fixed teams or partnering’ which ensures each person only works with a few others within your business. BPS can install screens and barriers ensuring they are safely and securely fitted along with anything else within your business which needs to be done as a result of you reopening.

Creating Additional Seating Arrangements or Areas

If you have a reception area and the seating needs to be rearranged to adhere to the 2-metre social distancing rules, or you need to create additional seating areas with barriers or partition walls for your staff or customers then we can help. Our carpenters and trades are all experts in creating new areas and bespoke fittings to ensure your business can reopen and operate safely whilst looking professional at the same time.

Installing Additional Electrical Points & Sockets

With any changes to an office, retail or working area you will nearly always need additional electric points or sockets and our fully qualified and expert electricians can help. They will work quickly and professionally with minimal mess to ensure you have the power points you need to operate effectively, efficiently and safely. We are happy to come out to your property to assess what you need and how we can help you most. Our teams always abide by the 2-metre social distance rule, sanitising all areas they have touched before they leave.

Moving Till or Payment Points

Whether you are a small retail unit or a larger outlet with more till or payment points then we can help to add to, or move your existing ones to ensure you can facilitate the 2-metre distancing rules. Our team will ensure you have the electrics needed for your till and payment systems as well as installing safe and secure perspex screens or barriers to keep your staff and customers safe.

Adding Perspex Screens or Barriers or Partition Walls

Screens and barriers will be common now in most service businesses at least and we are experts in the supply and fitting of these which will keep you, your team and your customers safe, as well as allow for your business to re-open and take payments through a small opening in the screen. Whether you need bespoke or ready-made screens then we can install these and ensure the finish is as you need it, making your business look smart, professional and safe.

Moving or Creating Larger Meeting Areas

If you have small meeting areas where you cannot adhere to the 2-metre distancing rule then you may need to think about creating new areas or expanding existing ones and BPS can help with this. We will work to your bespoke plans and offer you advice and recommendations so you make the most from your available space, ensuring you have the electrical sockets and facilities you need in each area.

Installing Additional Washing Areas and Facilities Including Hand Driers

If as part of your Health & Safety Risk Assessment you now need additional washing facilities for your office or retail unit then our plumbers and carpenters can do this for you. They will make recommendations if you need them or will work to your plans to ensure you have enough washing facilities for your teams and customers when you reopen.

Installing One Way, Hand Washing, Information and Directional Signs

Staff and customers will all now need to be aware of their responsibility when your office or retail area re-opens. This is easier with staff as they can be briefed and monitored to ensure the new processes are being followed, however, it is more difficult when it comes to customers. Having adequate and clear signage where you need it, inside and out will be essential when you reopen your business. Our team will professionally install the signs that you need around your business ensuring they are both safe and visible for both your customers and teams.

Safely ReopenInstalling Social Distancing Floor Markers

If you have a retail business then installing either permanent or temporary floor markings to accurately highlight 2 metres is essential both inside and outside to support and be clear for customers when they are queuing. Our team will ensure your floor markings look professional and are clear and will work with you to make sure they meet your plans and requirements for safely reopening your business.

Opening Previously Closed Entry or Exit Points

As part of your reopening, you may find from your Health & Safety Risk Assessments that opening up previously closed doors will help your business accommodate more customers. If this is the case then we can assess if we can safely reopen these entry or exit points, or alternatively open them up and install a new door. Our expert carpenters can make bespoke fittings if you have an older building and ensure the end result looks professional and inviting to customers when you reopen.

Businesses Reopening After Full Lockdown

If you didn’t have a general maintenance check of your business during the full lockdown you may now need an inspection and/or re-commissioning team to ensure your premises are fully operational and safe for reopening again. This is particularly important if you are running large electrical components or gas-fed equipment which has been turned off during this time.

About BPS Facilities

BPS is a family-owned facilities company in South Wales who works across Wales and throughout the M4 Corridor offering Commercial Property Services. We have three main teams:

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At BPS we offer:

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We have a team of fully qualified specialists who are employed by BPS in our engineering hubs around South Wales who can quickly come out to you if you have an emergency.

Our call centre team is on hand to take your call 365 days a year, 24 hours a day and we will ensure the appropriate engineer and team is dispatched to you when you need it. Our professional service is unrivalled and we deliver exceptional value for money solutions to commercial businesses and properties in an emergency or for any repair or maintenance work.

Our technical support centre is always on hand to resolve any questions you or our onsite team may have and this enables us to remotely fix and repair systems and equipment quickly and safely if we can, or assist our teams to repair them more quickly when they are on-site with you.

Our BPS Services Offer

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BPS Coronavirus (COVID-19) Actions

  • At this time, anyone within our business who is able to work from home currently is
  • Our field teams are maintaining a 2-metre distance from others at all times
  • Our teams are following hand washing and sanitising rules using hand sanitiser and wipes if no hot water and soap is available
  • If any of our teams have had any symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19) they are immediately self-isolating as per the government’s guidance and we are supporting them
  • Our technical support centre is on hand to resolve any questions our team or you may have and this enables us to remotely fix and repair systems and equipment quickly and safely if we can, or assist our field teams to repair them more quickly on-site or you
  • We are now supporting businesses to ensure they are able to reopen safely when they are allowed to

Our Customised & Planned Maintenance Packages

We offer bespoke and specific planned repair and maintenance packages for commercial building operators and businesses. This includes inspection, servicing, maintenance and repair and certification contracts with access to our highly reactive emergency support teams. Our care packages make sure that your systems and appliances are fully serviced and certified giving you peace of mind together with smooth and hassle-free, dependable operation.

Our team of gas engineers, joiners, electricians, engineers and construction engineers have all the skills needed to ensure your Business Reopening project runs smoothly, efficiently and on time without you having the need to rely on any third-parties and, or subcontractors.

If you are in need of any emergency repair or routine maintenance anywhere in Wales or the surrounding areas we can provide you with a genuine 24/7 service.

If you need help with Adapting your Business or Workplace to Safely Reopen please contact us on 029 2048 4114 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have and will arrange an appointment for you.