24 Hour Emergency Maintenance & Repair for Industrial & Commercial Properties

If you are a business owner, an industrial or commercial property owner then knowing you have emergency maintenance & repair call-out services for your plumbing, electrics, boiler, heating & cooling system, building and roof will put your mind at rest and saves you a huge amount of stress if anything happens. If you have a maintenance contract with BPS, we provide all the emergency callout and maintenance services you will need for your business or commercial property to remain safe and in excellent working order.

Plumbing – Emergency Maintenance & Repair

If you have an emergency plumbing problem then you will need a resolution quickly. Small leaks often lead to bigger leaks and problems which end up damaging your property, systems, furnishings and, or stock.

Common Plumbing Problems in Industrial and Commercial Properties can include:

Blocked Drain Emergency Maintenance & Repairs

Blocked drains in businesses and commercial properties can cause a huge amount of disruption as well as water damage if the drains overflow, as well as extremely unpleasant and unwanted smells. Signs of blocked drains can include; rotten egg smell, slow draining sinks and toilets, gurgling toilets and sinks and visible overflowing drains. Always be aware you may not see your drains overflowing, this is something that comes when the problem is really serious.

If you notice any of these signs then you should call your facilities company quickly and ask them to come out and check what is happening and resolve it for you to prevent damage to your property as well as unpleasant smells for your staff and any customers.

Burst Pipe Emergency Maintenance & Repairs

A burst pipe should always be classed as an emergency as if it’s not resolved quickly it can cause a huge number of problems for your property, systems, furniture and stock.

Pipes often burst if they have frozen in cold weather as the water expands when turning into ice which cracks the pipes. When the water unfreezes and is flowing again it can then gush through the cracks, making them worse and result in a flood. Signs of burst pipes can be egg-type smells, puddles beneath appliances or systems within your property, noisy pipework, low water pressure and hearing rushing or flowing water in your property when there are no taps or showers turned on.

You aren’t always aware of a cracked or burst pipe straight away as they often start as small leaks and subsequently will often turn into bigger leaks and issues. A small, long-standing leak can create as much damage as a fast-flowing leak or burst pipe so you should always ensure your pipework is regularly checked and maintained. If you have a burst pipe then contact your facilities company and ask them to send someone out to you quickly.

Overflowing Blocked Toilet Emergency Maintenance & Repairs

If more than just toilet roll is flushed away in your property or unwanted liquids or items are washed away in sinks then this can cause your drains and sometimes the main sewer pipes to become blocked. This often leads to toilets overflowing which is extremely unpleasant for everyone who uses the building. If your toilets are overflowing then you should contact your facilities management company and ask for an emergency plumber immediately. If your toilets are blocked it will cause you huge inconvenience with staff and customers not being able to use them and if they overflow it will cause a lot of damage and even nastier smells.

A good facilities management company will check your drains regularly if it is in your contracts and carry out preventive maintenance so it is unlikely to happen.

Dripping or Taps Leaking Emergency Maintenance & Repairs

Often dripping or leaking taps are ignored, but there are many reasons why a tap will drip, and if not resolved it can lead to further problems and damage to your property.

A dripping or leaking tap is not necessarily an emergency repair, however, you should ask your facilities management company to look at it for you as their experienced team will rule out any bigger issues and repair it for you easily. Dripping taps can also be an extremely annoying sound and if left for a long time will increase your water costs if you are on a water meter.

Low Water Pressure Emergency Maintenance & Repairs

If you have low or inconsistent water pressure then you should always find out what the cause of it is. Water pressure in commercial properties which are shared can decrease depending on the demand throughout the different parts of the property. If you notice you have low or inconsistent water pressure then this can be due to a burst pipe, corroded pipes or problems with the pipe components so you should get it checked out quickly.

Your facilities management company will come out to you quickly if your water pressure drops. They will find the root cause of the problem and get it fixed whether it’s due to pipework or your commercial heating or boiler system.

Leaking Systems & Appliances Emergency Maintenance & Repairs

Systems and appliances can be classed as boilers, heating & cooling systems, radiators, fridges, washing machines and many more. If there are any leaks with any of your appliances or systems then you should get these looked at and repaired quickly to prevent any damage to your property and furnishings. If left it will start to smell, mould can form over time and eventually cause damage to the structure and fixtures and fittings of your property.

Your facilities management company will check your systems and appliances regularly to ensure they are safe and compliant within all required legislation and this includes checking for leaks.

If you have a plumbing issue and you don’t have a facilities management company you will quickly realise the importance and ease of having one. They will come out to your property in a plumbing emergency, quickly identify the problem and resolve it for you, as well as maintaining your pipework and systems regularly to prevent issues from happening.

Electrics – Emergency Maintenance & Repairs

Emergency Maintenance & RepairLoss of Electric Emergency Maintenance & Repairs

If you have a short and quick power cut in your property then it’s normally not much of an inconvenience. It can, however, have a huge impact if you operate at night, have machinery that you rely on or produce products or food that are required to be kept at certain temperatures.

Most power cuts only last for a short amount of time with no impact, some will last for longer if there is an issue that needs looking at and some you will be notified of if work is being carried out on the main supply. Often if other properties in the area have also lost power then you should contact your network supplier to report there is a problem. If it is only your property that has loss of power and it doesn’t come back on for over 10 minutes, and you have checked your fuse box is working as it should then you should contact your facilities management company who will arrange for an electrician to come out to you immediately. They will advise you what you should do whilst you wait for their electrician to come out to you and often this will include turning off your electrics at your mains supply point to be on the safe side.

An emergency electrician will be able to look at your system, identify where the problem is and repair any faults, giving you peace of mind that your electrics are safe and ok to use.

Power Outlets in Contact with Water

Electricity and water should never be combined and it is extremely dangerous but there are times when this can happen if there has been a flood or leak somewhere in your property. If this is the case then turn off your electric at your mains supply point straight away and call your facilities company. If you can, unplug any appliances before any water gets to them and move them if you can as this may prevent them from being damaged, but only do this if you are absolutely sure they haven’t been contaminated by water and only after you have switched off your electricity at the mains.

To keep yourself as safe as possible and free of any electric shocks, never switch on any lights, plugs or touch any of the water as this can be extremely dangerous.

Your facilities management company will come out to you quickly, check over your whole electrical system as well as any appliances and none of them should be used until they have signed off it is safe to do so.

Burning Smell or Smoke

If you smell burning or the smell of eggs, burnt plastic or rubber this can be a problem with your electrics. You should switch off your electric at your mains supply point and contact your facilities company immediately and ask them to send an emergency electrician.

The smell of burning can be a sign that something is burning in the electric circuit itself and even a small power surge can result in an electrical fire starting which will put anyone in your property and your property in serious danger.

If you see smoke coming from your electrics or any systems or appliances, or they have become discoloured then it can be a sign that an electrical fire is imminent. Switch off your electrics at the mains and call for an emergency electrician who will identify the issue and resolve it for you.

Electrics can burn if circuits have been overloaded, resulting in wiring becoming damaged or if your wiring or power weren’t installed correctly in the first place. If any of these are the issue then immediate remedial action is required to prevent an electrical fire.

Your facilities company will check your electrics and wiring and pass them as safe every year and this is a legal requirement if you have a business or are a commercial property owner.

Boiler – Emergency Maintenance & Repair

No Hot Water or Heating

No heating and, or hot water isn’t good for anyone and can cause a lot of disruption especially in the winter months. If your boiler is older you may need to start to think about replacing it, or if it has broken down then a repair by a qualified plumber or gas engineer will get it back up and running again.

A professional facilities management company will have their own gas engineers and plumbers who will maintain your boiler or heating system throughout the year, ensuring it is regularly serviced to be safe and to prevent breakdowns. They will also send them out to you in an emergency and can advise you if your system can be repaired or if you need a new commercial boiler or heating system installed. Often you will see the benefits of a new boiler system over a number of years as your heating system will be more efficient and your energy costs will reduce so don’t put it off and ask your facilities management company to calculate the costs of installation versus the running costs of your old and new system.

Building & Roof – Emergency Maintenance & Repairs

Running a business or owning a commercial property means you have to look after your property to keep it safe and in good order. Your facilities management company will check different aspects of your property regularly and advise you if any maintenance & repair is needed. This can include the structure of the building, its roof and the internal fixtures, fittings and decoration.

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