Commercial Property Spring Maintenance Checks discussed by BPS Facilities

Commercial Property Spring Maintenance Checks are important to ensure your property is in good condition, safe and doesn’t impact your operation during the spring and summer months.

As we move into spring there are new maintenance checks and tasks you should carry out on your commercial property or business. It isn’t just about tidying up the exterior of your property after the winter months, it’s also a good idea to check your boiler and get it serviced, your air conditioning as this is something you don’t want to be without in the summer months, your roof, your grounds and your interior. Routine maintenance and checks in the spring will save you time, money, and stress as when things break down and you can’t get the right tradesperson to fix what you need them to, making the time and effort to organise your checks very worthwhile.

Office managers, facilities managers & building owners should have regular checks that they carry out every Autumn and Spring and a professional facilities management company like can help you with this, along with our Commercial Property Spring Maintenance Checklist.

BPs Facilities will take away the need for you to worry or organise your spring checks as they will monitor your property all year round and carry out repairs as they are needed and service boilers, air conditioning, plumbing and electrics regularly.

Heating & Cooling and Air Conditioning System Spring Maintenance Checks

Air conditioning units won’t get a huge amount of use during the summer unless they’re used to provide heat in your building like an HVAC Systems so it’s always a good idea to have them serviced in spring so they are ready to step into action and cool your commercial property or business when the warm weather hits us.

A professional Facilities Management Company will have the qualifications, skills and experience to service your air conditioning system however big or small your system is to ensure it’s in safe and good working order.

A professional and reputable Facilities Management Company will service your HVAC or Air Conditioning System including:

  • A thorough clean of all components to remove dirt, sludge, grime, and debris that may have built up during the winter
  • Coil clean which improves the indoor air quality keeping everyone healthier
  • A test of the thermostat, electrical wires and connectors
  • Check of the unit’s airflow, run capacitor, and operating efficiency
  • Inspection of the air ducts, condensation drain pan, blower motor and wheel, compressor, and refrigerant pressures
  • Ensuring drain openings are clear and free of blockages
  • Ensuring the safety of the air conditioning system and its component parts

Benefits of servicing your HVAC or Air Conditioning System

  • Keeps it running efficiently, reducing or maintaining your energy bills
  • Making it last longer without the need for an earlier than necessary replacement
  • Minimises costly breakdowns and disruptions
  • Keeps you and your employees safe
  • Reduces the likelihood of flooding from your unit which can damage your property and your air conditioning system
  • Gives you peace of mind it is running safely and efficiently

Commercial Boilers

Regular boiler repairs and servicing ensure your boiler is in safe working order. As a business or commercial property owner, it is your responsibility to ensure it is safe and working efficiently. Servicing your boiler in spring prevents costly breakdowns, leaving you without hot water in your business or property and will also save you money. A lot of people think the only time to get your boiler serviced is before winter, however, you always need hot running water and being without it can cause disruption in your business if your boiler breaks down.

Why is it important to have your Commercial Boiler serviced?

As with all mechanical, electrical and gas systems, heating and hot water systems need to be serviced and maintained regularly. Regular servicing will prolong and sometimes extend the life of a boiler as well as maximise its performance through its life, keep your energy costs down, minimise break downs and monitor its carbon monoxide production.

Qualified Commercial Gas Engineers who are registered with the Gas Safe register are the only tradespeople that can legally service your commercial boiler. They will have the knowledge, expertise and qualifications to service and test it to ensure it is working efficiently and is safe. Gas, fuels and products of combustion can be extremely dangerous so there is a lot of legislation covering gas appliances, boilers, boiler plants and any work undertaken on them. The legislation surrounding work on gas boilers and appliances is extensive, so using expert commercial boiler engineers that have the knowledge and capability to comply is really important. BPS only use qualified Commercial Gas Engineers for servicing, repairing, maintaining and installing commercial boilers and they are Gas Safe registered so you know they are legally permitted to look after your boiler system.

Benefits of Servicing your Commercial Boiler

The majority of modern boilers are extremely efficient, however, if you don’t get them serviced annually they can quickly develop problems which can cause breakdowns and costly repairs. It’s vitally important that you look after your boiler and have it serviced by a qualified gas engineer regularly in order to avoid any unwanted disruptions, ensure its safe and keep it running at its best all year round giving you heat and hot water when you need it.

A professional and reputable Facilities Management Company will regularly service your Commercial Boiler which will:

  • Keep it running efficiently, reducing your energy bills
  • Maintain it so it lasts longer without the need for an early replacement
  • Minimise costly breakdowns
  • Prevent gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning, keeping you and your employees safe
  • Reduce the likelihood of flooding which often damages your property, its contents as well as disrupting your business
  • Give you peace of mind it is running efficiently and safely
  • Keeps you compliant with UK Commercial Boiler regulations

Power Flushing

It’s also a good idea to ask your facilities company about power flushing. Power flushing is a process that internally cleans and improves your heating systems efficiency and performance which can dramatically decrease your energy bills. Some heating systems have poor circulation as a result of pipes and radiators being full of dirt, debris and sludge resulting in lukewarm radiators, lack of hot water and increased noise, and ‘power flushing’ will rectify. The sludge and built up residue is removed by inline magnetic filtration, making your boiler system work more efficiently. When a system is professionally power flushed it is flushed in different directions dislodging sludge and debris build-up which is then subsequently drained. Special chemicals are also used to ensure the sludge breaks down inside the system before it’s removed. Power flushing your central heating system will extend the life and efficiency of your boiler. BPS are experts in boilers and heating systems and can power flush your system to ensure it works more efficiently for you.

Commercial Plumbing Spring Maintenance Checks

Any plumbing, pipes and drains can be impacted and damaged by adverse weather conditions, whether its freezing temperatures or heavy rain during the winter and this makes spring an ideal time to get your plumbing system checked by a qualified commercial plumber. If your plumbing system and drains haven’t been maintained during winter then they can crack, burst and this results in reduced or increased flow rates, potentially flooding your commercial property damaging your heating systems and pipework and resulting in costly repairs.

A professional and reputable Facilities Management Company will check and service your Plumbing system including:

  • Checking internal and external pipework for any leaks or signs of wear and repairing or replacing them
  • Ensuring any external pipework which has the capacity to freeze in the colder months are fully insulated which will also help to reduce your energy bills throughout the year. Insulating exposed pipework safeguards them against the cold and eliminates the risk of pipes bursting and causing damage and spring is a really good time to do this. A professional plumber will supply the correct standard of insulation and install insulation to pipes in hard-to-reach places, or even re-route pipes in exposed areas
  • Draining any pipes, drains, cisterns or any other water-containing structures that aren’t needed during spring
  • Clearing any drains and grates and removing any leaves, mud or debris which has built up during the winter months to prevent drains blocking and flooding
  • Checking that your pipes and water tanks are protected with lagging to prevent the likelihood of them freezing, especially those in unheated areas such as lofts or outdoor areas, again spring is a really good time to do this
  • Fix any dripping taps which are as a result of the colder winter months

A qualified commercial plumber will complete your commercial property spring maintenance checks to ensure that your systems and pipework in your commercial property are in good working order to minimise any risk of breakdown, damage or repair throughout the year. BPS only use qualified commercial plumbers who are experts in identifying problems, predicting problems, repairing and maintaining your plumbing system.

Commercial Electrical Maintenance & Testing

We can sometimes forget the inconvenience that having no electric in your business will be so having it checked and tested regularly is vitally important to prevent operational issues for you. Electrics and commercial electrical systems can be extremely dangerous if they aren’t maintained and tested regularly so it’s an important factor to consider and plan into your commercial property or business’s maintenance plans in Spring and Autumn.

When you own a commercial property or are a business owner then you have a responsibility to keep it safe for your employees, customers, and/or tenants. One of the best ways to ensure the safety of your commercial properties electrics is to have regular electrical maintenance checks and tests completed by a qualified and registered commercial electrician or use a professional Facilities Management company like BPS who will only employ qualified electricians. The smallest of problems with an electrical system can be extremely unsafe and cause a fire, kill or severely harm people through electric shocks, burns, fires and explosions which can sometimes be as a direct result of deterioration of electrics and equipment, damage to switches, sockets and other appliances, misuse of equipment or inadequate maintenance. As a commercial property owner or business owner, you can be held accountable for any injuries that happen or damage to a property as a result of unsafe electrics.

You may not be aware that you have an electrical problem until it is too late, and without knowing it there may be problems developing that if they aren’t resolved can lead to more expensive repairs and electrical fires. Having your electrics regularly maintained and tested by a professional Facilities Management company like BPS will identify any problems and ensure they can be repaired before they turn into a major issue and become more costly. Commercial electricians have the experience and expertise to diagnose and repair problems that would otherwise go unnoticed until they become a critical issue.

Commercial Property Outside Spring Maintenance Checks

Spring is a great time to freshen up the entrance of your commercial property or business and is important when it comes to making a good first impression. Looking after your entrance, exterior and grounds in spring is a great time of year as the warmer and dryer, it’s a perfect time to prepare for the growing season and to assess any damage the cold and wet weather from the winter may have caused.

Wind, snow, and rain from the winter can impact the look and condition of a building’s exterior so you should walk around the outside of your property to assess any damage and check for any work that needs to be done. Signs that repairs are needed on your commercial property can include cracks around doors and windows, chipped paint, hanging or blocked gutters, cracked paving, moss build up on paving, cracked and faded signs and much more.

  • Clean up the exterior of your commercial property or business, sweeping the pathways, picking up any debris, raking leaves, cutting the grass, weed and plant flowers and greenery in pots and areas where they are needed
  • Powerwash any concrete, pavements, car parks and walkways to ensure they aren’t slippery and making it look fresh and clean
  • Trim and prune plants, shrubs and trees which helps to keep their shape and prevents them from encroaching on pathways and creating a hazard
  • Check any garden irrigation systems including nozzles, sprinkler heads, valves and controller to ensure there are no leaks, blockages and is functioning properly.
  • Use herbicides and fertilizer on any grassed areas and reseed if it’s needed

BPS Offers the Following Maintenance Services

Masonry Walls

From repairing a crumbling wall to taking down and rebuilding the entire structure, whatever the material (brick, stone or concrete) our Tradespeople use tried and tested products combined with modern restoration techniques to upgrade performance and extend the service-life of defective or decaying walls.  We specialise in repairing masonry where there has been a structural movement or moisture ingress.

Carpentry & Joinery Maintenance

From hanging doors through to creating a bespoke reception desk, BPS tradespeople specialise in all aspects of joinery and carpentry solutions, including 1st and 2nd fix carpentry on new build projects.

Interior Services

There is almost a limitless list of projects we undertake on the interior of commercial buildings. Partition walls, building a new office, replacing windows and doors, change of use renovation and redevelopment, suspended ceilings, small repairs, painting and decorating, insulation – if it needs doing inside a commercial building we have a skilled tradesperson to expertly complete the task.

Exterior Services

With a team of Project Managers and skilled tradespeople, we can undertake virtually any project including structural work, bricklaying, pointing, underpinning, damp proofing, insulation, cladding or rendering on any commercial or substantial domestic property.

Specialist Concrete Repairs & Coatings

BPS offers a complete service of concrete repairs specific to the needs of reinforced concrete structures, ranging from hand-placed mortars, flowable repair concretes or sprayed concrete which can be applied to remedy cracked and spalled surfaces. We can also apply protective mortars and coatings.

Structural Repairs

BPS services cover a huge number of structural repair techniques that can overcome movement in commercial buildings. From repairing (stitching) cracks in walls through to installing lateral restraints to remedy bowing walls. Our structural repair services include wall tie replacement, ground anchor installation, micro piling and lintel repairs. Whatever the issue, BPS offers prompt, budget-conscious and effective solutions that always fully consider both the structural integrity and aesthetics of your building in the remediation of the defects.

Commercial Property Spring Maintenance ChecksCommercial Roofs

Wind, snow, ice and rain in the winter can damage your commercial property or businesses roof and can result in water damage, loose tiles, ridging and guttering and often you won’t see this yourself or know that you have a problem. A professional facilities management company like BPS Facilities will have the skills and experience to thoroughly check all aspects of your roof both inside and out and will know what to look out for when it comes to your commercial roof, repairing it where needed.

Roofs need to be checked to ensure they are safe and watertight after the winter months and a professional and BPS Facilities know the checks that are required.

A professional and reputable Facilities Management Company will check your Commercial Roof including:

  • Flat roofs are common on many commercial properties and these are more prone to leaking due to water, debris and, or snow or ice build-up so they need regular inspection and maintenance to check their membranes and seams which can often split and subsequently leak
  • Tiled roofs should also be checked in spring to ensure they haven’t been damaged or have loose tiles caused by the winter elements which will result in leaks into your property, sometimes causing damage to electrics, systems, decor, furniture or stock
  • Clearing all gutters and drains in spring to enable rainfall to flow into the drains as it needs to. If there is a build-up of dirt and debris in your guttering then this will result in leaks, drainage problems and blocked drains which can overflow and cause structural or physical damage to your property
  • Checking all roof flashing is flush, secure and undamaged. Flashing is a material usually aluminium or galvanized steel that is used over roof and wall joint construction to prevent water seeping in and causing damage
  • Checking that shingles and roof vents are secure, clear and undamaged by the winter elements
  • Checking roof-edge waterproofing and seals which may have been damaged by the winter weather
  • Trimming back trees or branches that could damage your roof or property if there are high winds

A leaking roof over a long period of time can cause a huge amount of damage and BPS Facilities will check it regularly so any problems can be resolved quickly to limit the damage it will cause.

Commercial Property Interior Spring Maintenance Checks

Do a building walkthrough of your commercial property and note any decor that needs refreshing, carpet or flooring that needs cleaning or replacing, damaged furniture, ceiling tiles, light fittings and switches, tiles and grout, shelving and any H&S risks and then arrange for a professional facilities management company like BPS to come and review these with you. Small changes will really impact the look and feel of your property or business and keep it up together making it look more professional and inviting to customers and employees.

A deep clean of your property during spring will really have a positive impact on its appearance and this includes, carpets, floors, bathrooms, kitchens, shelves, doors and windows both inside and out.

About BPS Facilities

As a business or commercial property owner its always a good idea to have plans in place for any eventuality that could happen at any time and using a professional Facilities Management Company like BPS will relieve the pressures and cost of you looking after and maintaining your commercial property or business yourself.

As a business or commercial property owner, preventative measures, and carrying out spring checks are a good investment in terms of safety, cost management and a healthy work environment.

BPS will ensure all of your spring maintenance checks for your business or commercial property are carried out by their fully qualified team members when they need to be. They will work alongside you to ensure your building or business is well looked after and maintained and will know everything that needs to be checked minimising impact to your business or property.

BPS Maintenance Contracts ensure that you have peace of mind 24/7 so if you do have a property emergency or a boiler, heating or cooling system breakdown, roof, pipework, gas, electrical problems and much more, Our 24 hour 365 day a year call centre will take your call and come out to your property and quickly and efficiently resolve or manage your issues directly.

We provide planned and reactive building maintenance and structural services to a wide range of customers in a variety of business sectors throughout the UK including:

  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Offices
  • Hospitals & Care Sectors
  • Historic Buildings
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Utility Sectors
  • Leading UK Charities
  • Factories & Industrial Units
  • Hotels & Leisure Facilities

Contact us today on 029 20 484114 and one of our experts will be able to help you with any queries you may have or arrange your Commercial Property Maintenance Checks this Spring.