Welcome to our trusted roofing services company serving Cardiff and the surrounding areas in South Wales. Our family-run business, BPS Facilities Services, has been operating in the region for decades, providing exceptional-quality installations, repairs, replacements, and maintenance work on rooftops. We have built a strong reputation among customers due to our experienced roofing contractors’ unwavering commitment to excellence. Contact us today at 029 20 484114 for any of your business or residential roof needs!

Our roofing professional services and team of certified roofers have accumulated vast experience in handling all types of residential and commercial roofing needs. We are your trusted experts for any repair work or new installations on flat roofs, gutters, chimneys, and more. With our extensive knowledge base, we guarantee quality results every time!

Cardiff residents can rely on us for all their roof needs. Our commitment to quality workmanship and exceptional customer service sets us apart from other companies in the area. Discover more about our extensive range of services by reading further.

Our Cardiff Roofing Services 

Roof Repair

When it comes to roofing repairs or refurbishments, trust our team of skilled professionals. With extensive experience in diagnosing and fixing all types of damage caused by leaks, slipped tiles or slates, and broken flashings, among others, we’re always ready for any roof leaks that may arise on your property. We take pride in offering prompt solutions, so you can rest assured knowing that the problem has been addressed effectively, whether it is during regular business hours or after-hours emergencies when immediate action is needed! Our local experts are always available around the clock via phone or using our online booking system, ensuring quick response times no matter what time of day (or night) it might be. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today at 029 20 484114, or you can use our online contact form here for any of your Cardiff roof repairs.

We offer professional installation and replacement roof services using quality materials that meet all of the required British standards. From slate roof repairs to tiled roof repairs or flat roof repairs, we have the experience and know-how to fix all types of problems. Our services include full framework work, breathable membrane fitting, battening for tiles or slates, and leadwork with flashings added in too. We also handle all permits while providing specialised, certified roof work, so you can rest assured knowing your home or business is protected from the elements by a durable structure built to last decades on end!

Roof Replacement

If your current roof system is no longer viable or lacks energy efficiency, our team of skilled professionals can carry out a full roof inspection and, if required, provide a complete tile roof replacement. We start by removing the old materials and disposing of them legally before installing breathable membranes that promote ventilation within the structure. Then we proceed with fitting premium-quality slate or clay tiles on top while also addressing any defective woodwork issues present in the building’s framework. Our structural engineering services ensure optimal load-bearing design for maximum safety standards. With this approach, you can rest assured knowing that your new roof will be both functional and visually appealing!

When it comes to flat roofing solutions, there are several options available. However, not all materials can withstand harsh weather conditions or provide adequate protection against leaks and other damages over time. Our team at BPS Facilities Services specialises in Cardiff roof installation, installing robust systems, and carrying out flat roof repairs using EPDM, GRP fibreglass felt, or asphalt, depending on the specific needs of each project. We also prioritise insulation layers for cold flat roofs that prevent condensation while utilising single-ply membranes with sealed joints for warm ones instead. Regular maintenance is key when aiming for maximum lifespan and durability, something we take seriously and our team of expert roofers can help with.

Gutter Services

Our company offers seamless or standard gutters in various metals and colours that are installed with proper falls. We also maintain, repair, or replace downpipes and address any gutter leakage issues. Our services in Cardiff prevent blockages from occurring, so rainwater can flow properly away from your property without interruption.

Chimney Repairs

Our skilled and friendly team of roofers is equipped to tackle any and all issues related to chimney defects. Whether it be repointing brickwork or replacing damaged pots, we have got you covered! We also inspect flanges for cracks that could cause leaks in the future; prevention is always better than cure! With our expertise at hand, your home or business will remain safe from water damage while maintaining its structural integrity over time.

We understand that dealing with roof damage from storms, falling trees, or vandalism can be stressful. Our emergency roofing services and experienced roofing teams offer a fast response day and night to make urgent repairs, install temporary structures, and prevent further harm until full work is completed.

Contact us for any of your Cardiff roof repairs, roof installations, or replacements at a competitive price.

Our Cardiff Roofing Team

Our professional roofing company and facilities management family business takes great pride in providing exceptional workmanship and a high level of customer service, resulting in exceptional customer satisfaction. All our roofers are fully certified and insured for your peace of mind. We also hold membership with the Federation of Master Builders as a testament to our commitment to excellence.

The safety of our customers and employees is of the utmost importance to us. We are committed to providing our managers and staff with the latest safety training. As far as CDM Regulations HSE 2007 are concerned, BPS Facilities Ltd. complies fully with them, including amendments as necessary. In order to promote and develop safe working practises, we work closely with our client’s safety procedures.


“We had a persistent leak that these guys finally fixed properly. Very pleased with their service!” Chris, Cardiff

“Our flat roof was repaired and replaced very professionally. The team was polite and cleaned up properly after the work.” Fiona, Newport

“I would highly recommend them to anyone needing roofing services. They got the job done quickly and affordably.” Tom, Barry

Get in Touch 

For a free, no-obligation quote on any roofing service, big or small, contact us today on 029 20 484114 or enquiries@bpsfacilities.com. Let our expertise solve your roofing emergency or install a durable new roof that withstands the elements. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Cardiff Roofing


What services do you provide in Cardiff?

We provide a range of roofing services in Cardiff, including roof repairs, roof installations, chimney repairs, and more.

Are you a local roofing contractor in Cardiff?

Yes, we are a local roofing contractor in Cardiff, and we have been serving the Cardiff and South Wales area for many years.

Do you offer free quotes for your roofing services?

Yes, we offer free quotes for all our roofing services. Simply contact us at 029 20 484114, and we will be happy to provide you with a free and no-obligation quote.

Are your roofers fully insured?

Yes, all our roofers are fully insured. We have liability insurance to ensure that our customers are protected.

Do you offer emergency roofing services?

Yes, we offer emergency roofing services. If you have a roofing issue that needs immediate attention, give us a call, and we will respond promptly.

Do you offer a roofing contractor service?

Yes, our qualified and certified roofers work directly for us, and we can take on any type of roofing work to suit your property or project. 

What types of roofing do you specialise in?

We specialise in various types of roofing, including flat roofs, pitched roofs, tile roofs, slate roofs, and more. Our experienced team can handle any roofing project, whether it’s replacing roof tiles, repairing membranes, or an entire roof replacement.

Are you a reputable roofing company in Cardiff?

Yes, we are a reputable roofing company in Cardiff. We have a team of skilled roofers who are dedicated to providing high-quality work and excellent customer service, whether it’s for one of our specialist roofing services or emergency roof repairs. 

Do you offer building services in addition to roofing?

Yes, we offer building services in addition to roofing. Whether you need help with a roofing project or other home improvements, we can assist you.

Can you provide references from previous roofing projects?

Yes, we can provide references from previous roofing projects. Our professional roofers take pride in our work, and we have many satisfied customers who will vouch for the quality of our services.

How do I contact you for my roofing needs?

It can be difficult to find a reliable roofing contractor or roofing company in South Wales that can carry out small roof repairs. The BPS roofing team is different from most roofing companies in that we take on smaller roofing jobs and will not shy away from the larger, more costly ones. If you need expert assistance with even the smallest roof defect or leak, or if you need a full roof replacement or installation, call the team at BPS today at 029 20 484114 or by email to discuss your roofing needs. We are always ready to help and provide you with the best solution for your roofing requirements.