The Most Common Reasons Your Domestic or Commercial Boiler Isn’t Working

The comfort and efficiency of your home or place of business are significantly influenced by your boiler. A boiler that isn’t working often means you won’t have heating or hot water, which can be extremely uncomfortable any time of the year in the UK. Your home or place of business won’t be a comfortable place to be if your boiler isn’t functioning properly and operating inefficiently, which will result in higher-than-necessary energy bills. 

This is why it’s crucial that your boiler is well-maintained and gets serviced as needed. Boilers, like other appliances in homes and businesses, can develop functional problems, particularly as they age or when they haven’t been serviced. Here are some of the most typical boiler problems and what to do if they occur. 

Pilot Light Going Out – Unresponsive Boiler

The pilot light refers to the small gas burner that is constantly burning inside your gas boiler. This can occasionally go out and usually means your boiler is having problems. It might result from a buildup of gas in the nozzle or even a draught that blows out the flame by entering the boiler system’s pipework. The thermocouple, which tracks changes in your pilot light’s temperature, may occasionally break and stop supplying gas to the pilot light. 

To solve this issue, you should check if other boiler appliances on your property are operating properly. This will let you know if there is a problem with your boiler or gas supply. Try relighting the pilot light if your other gas appliances are operating properly by following the directions in your manufacturer’s manual. If that doesn’t solve the issue, you should get in touch with a boiler engineer to come out and assess the situation. If you don’t know what you’re doing, fixing a boiler can be risky, so you should always have a Gas Safe registered engineer handle any repairs. Older boiler models experience the loss of the pilot light much more frequently than newer ones, which ignite electrically. 

The Most Common Reasons Your Domestic or Commercial Boiler Isn’t Working

Noisy Boiler 

Sometimes your boiler will start making strange noises that are not only bothersome to your home or business but frequently indicate you have a problem with it. The sounds that a boiler makes can range from whistling and banging to buzzing and gurgling. If this is occurring, your boiler system’s air supply is probably malfunctioning. Depending on the type of noise you’re hearing, it may also be the result of a failing pump or low water pressure. 

Recheck the manufacturer’s instructions as they might help you understand why it is making that noise. Although you can try changing the boiler’s settings, a noisy boiler may be a sign of a more serious problem that is not always obvious. Call your Gas Safe registered engineer right away so they can come out and assess the situation for you. If you ignore the issue, it may occasionally result in additional, more expensive repairs. You can also try bleeding the radiators or inspecting the pipework to try and identify the issue if the noises are coming from your radiators and pipe system. 

Boiler Not Heating or Providing Hot Water 

A boiler that doesn’t heat your residence or place of business will seriously disrupt your property, particularly during the winter. You should always find a quick solution to the problem because taking a cold shower in the summer or winter is not pleasant. There are numerous causes for a boiler not to produce heat and hot water, and frequently there is never just one single problem. 

The thermostat should be checked first if you are attempting to diagnose the issue yourself because it is frequently the most common fault when a boiler fails to provide heat and hot water. Other potential causes include an issue with your main gas supply or an incorrect boiler pressure that needs to be adjusted. A boiler engineer who is Gas Safe certified will be able to locate the issue quickly, fix it for you, and do so in a safe manner. 

Boiler Leaking

In addition to reducing system efficiency due to pressure loss, a leaking boiler puts your home at risk of water damage to the walls, ceilings, carpets, and furniture, all of which can be expensive to fix over time. Leaks typically indicate a problem with the boiler system’s internal components. To identify the source of the leak, look for any water patches underneath your boiler. Additionally, look over your property’s piping system to try and locate the leak’s source, paying particular attention to joints and bends because doing so could prevent expensive property damage.

Never ignore a leak; if you see one or suspect you have one, call a boiler engineer right away to locate the issue and stop further harm to your home and boiler. Leaks are frequently difficult to find and fix without the help of a boiler engineer. 

Your boiler system may contain a number of defective components that only a qualified engineer will be able to locate. If there is a leak in the piping system, they will be able to quickly secure the pipe and stop the leak. 

Low Boiler Pressure 

Over time, boilers can lose pressure, which means you won’t get enough water or your property won’t be heated or supplied with hot water. This is so that boilers can operate as intended, which requires a specific pressure to do so. You should take action to fix your boiler pressure gauge if it is lower than the recommended level to avoid needing to make more expensive repairs later on.  

Consider checking the system for leaks, which may be the cause of a pressure drop. Repressurize the boiler system according to your instruction manual if you are unable to locate any leaks. Contact your boiler engineer to schedule a repair if neither of the solutions above work.  

Cold Radiators 

When the radiators in your boiler system aren’t working, it could mean a few different things because they’re responsible for heating your home. It might be the result of an issue with the radiators, pipes, or air in the central heating system. Try bleeding the radiators to fix it, but if that doesn’t work, your system might need to be flushed. Make an appointment with a qualified boiler engineer so that they can come out and efficiently identify the issue and take care of it for you. 

Frozen Pipes 

Your boiler’s condensate pipe transports the condensate to a drain outside. In the winter, the condensate pipe may occasionally freeze, which frequently causes peculiar noises in the pipework. Always check the instructions provided by the manufacturer because typically your boiler system will issue a fault code to let you know when this occurs.

On the internet, you can find instructional videos that demonstrate how to safely thaw a condensate pipe. This is one method of resolving the problem, however, if you’re unsure, calling your boiler expert would be the best course of action. 

Thermostat Not Working 

If your boiler is operating but your thermostat is broken, you will experience issues getting the heat and hot water you require from your boiler. The thermostat settings can sometimes be easily restored to fix problems as simple as an accidental knock that turns the thermostat off or modifies its settings. You might need a new thermostat if this doesn’t fix the issue and it persists. You can get the best solution by getting in touch with your local boiler engineer. 

In Summary  

For your residential or commercial property, a fully functional boiler is essential. It makes sure you have the hot water you need to function and that the environment is comfortable. The most frequent problems with boiler systems are those that have been covered above. While some problems are relatively simple to fix, others call for the expertise of a boiler engineer who is Gas Safe certified.

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