Cardiff, South Wales, is home to BPS, a family-run business that specialises in electrical contracting in the form of electrical installation, repair, and maintenance services. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing exceptional service and expertise across all areas of the industry. Contact us today for more information about our Electrical Contractors Cardiff.

Our team of skilled electricians have been providing exceptional services to Cardiff and its surrounding areas for over three decades. We specialise in providing commercial services, and designing, installing and maintaining electrical systems across various sectors including domestic, commercial and industrial settings. To experience our fast yet efficient service with a BPS-qualified electrician firsthand and to book a free consultation call us on 029 20 484114 today!

Why Choose Our Company for your Electrical Contractors Cardiff?

NICEIC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting) approval is a badge of honour in the electrical industry, and we’re proud to wear it. Our Electrical Contractors Cardiff team comprises highly skilled professionals who excel at every aspect of electrical work, from wiring through testing and inspection. We offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality or safety standards. And because customer satisfaction matters most, our approachable manner ensures that all clients feel valued throughout their experience with us. With this level of expertise combined with exceptional service delivery methods, you can rest assured knowing your project will be completed efficiently by trustworthy experts who prioritise meeting individual needs above everything else!

What is the NICEIC Approved Contractor Scheme?

Your electrical installation business can benefit from the NICEIC Approved Contractor Scheme, which is a stamp of quality for your electrical work. Electricians who are approved contractors have been assessed for their competence in carrying out electrical work in accordance with BS 7671.

The team at BPS Facilities is capable of handling any electrical project, regardless of its size or complexity. Whether you need assistance with domestic services or commercial or industrial contracts, we have got your back! Our extensive knowledge allows us to use cutting-edge technology and equipment, such as LED lighting systems and renewable energy sources, to ensure maximum efficiency while minimising environmental impact. This approach allows us to deliver high-quality results that meet all our client’s needs without compromising sustainability goals. Don’t hesitate – contact us today at 029 20 484114 for more information about how we can help with our Electrical Contractors Cardiff.

Electrical Contractors Cardiff

We provide a comprehensive range of electrical services for domestic, commercial and industrial clients including:

BPS offers comprehensive electrical services that cater to all types of buildings and any electrical systems, as well as emergency lighting and indoor and outdoor lighting. Our team is highly skilled in designing and installing electrical systems while adhering strictly to relevant regulations and standards. We also provide certification along with warranties for our workmanship, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Our testing and inspection procedures are thorough, ensuring safety compliance at all times and this is carried out for all of our electrical installations. Additionally, we offer detailed reports highlighting any necessary remedial actions required alongside recommendations aimed at preventing future issues from arising. BPS Facilities maintenance and repair service caters effectively for emergency situations as well as routine upkeep needs; this includes upgrading or replacing faulty components promptly when needed.

Last but not least, LED lighting installation has become increasingly popular due to its energy efficiency benefits – something that BPS Facilities fully understands! As such, we specialise in providing top-quality LED lighting solutions tailored specifically according to each client’s unique requirements. Whether you need a brand new system installed or an existing one upgraded – rest assured that BPS will deliver exceptional results every time!

As society continues to embrace electric vehicles as a more sustainable mode of transportation businesses and homeowners alike are seeking ways in which they can support this shift. One key component is installing charging stations that allow for convenient recharging on-site – something we specialise in! Our team has extensive experience with all types of EV charger installations so rest assured you’ll receive expert advice tailored specifically towards your unique needs when working with us.

Similarly, no one wants their property left vulnerable to potential threats like fires or break-ins, and that is where our fire alarm installation services come into play! We offer comprehensive solutions ranging from smoke detectors to CCTV cameras and intruder alarms designed to keep you safe at all times. secure in the knowledge that should anything happen, you have reliable protection in place thanks to our skilled technicians, who will also ensure everything remains fully functional through regular maintenance checks.

In summary, whether it’s ensuring accessibility via EV charging stations, safeguarding against potential dangers such as fires/break-ins, re-wiring, repairs, quality and safety checks, upgrades to existing electric systems, or complete new ones, you can trust us to deliver exceptional results every time!

For seamless internet connectivity, BPS offers comprehensive data cabling and networking installation services. Our team of experts can install Ethernet cables, routers, or switches with precision, ensuring optimal performance for your business needs. We also provide ongoing maintenance to prevent any disruptions in service quality. With our expertise at hand, you’ll never have to worry about slow loading times again!

Commercial Electrician Services

For businesses seeking reliable commercial electrical services BPS is the answer. Our team has extensive experience working in various sectors and facilities, such as offices, shops, restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, and factories. We are also well-equipped to handle new builds, refurbishments, or extensions with ease. Contact us today for more information!

We are committed to working alongside commercial clients in order to understand their specific needs and provide them with exceptional electrical solutions that align perfectly with those requirements. Our team also ensures complete compliance with all relevant regulations and standards during our work on commercial projects. If you are searching for Electrical Contractors Cardiff, contact us today at 029 20 484114 for more information about how we can assist your business through our expertise in commercial electrical services.

Electrical Contractors Cardiff

The Industries We Work With

Our team has worked across multiple industries including:






Building & Construction

Our team has extensive experience handling various types of facilities, including homes, offices, shops, and factories. We are well equipped to handle new builds as well as refurbishments or extensions with equal ease. With our expertise, we guarantee high-quality results every time with our design-to-completion service, which is bespoke to each project.

Are you searching for reliable electrical contractors in Cardiff or its vicinity? Look no further than us! We’re eager to discuss your project and provide a complimentary estimate. Our team is always ready to assist with any questions you may have regarding our services; simply reach out via phone at 029 20 484114 or fill out the online form on the Contact Us Page on our website today. Let us know how we can make things easier for you! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Electrical Contractors Cardiff – FAQs

What regions do you serve?

Our Electrical Contractors Cardiff services extend beyond Cardiff and encompass Swansea, Newport, Bridgend, Barry, Monmouth, Abergavenny, and all of South Wales. We’re also willing to travel for larger projects that require our expertise.

What is the cost associated with utilising your services?

We believe in providing fair and competitive pricing for our cost-effective electrical services that are tailored to the size and complexity of your project. Our transparent approach means we offer free quotes and estimates with no hidden fees or charges whatsoever. We take pride in being upfront about costs so you can make informed decisions without any surprises down the line.

Are you covered and certified?

We take safety seriously and that’s why we’re fully insured with all necessary qualifications for any electrical work. Our NICEIC approval means that our team is regularly assessed by experts who ensure high-quality standards are met at every stage of the process. Additionally, having accreditations such as Part P or CSCS gives us an edge in delivering exceptional results while maintaining utmost care towards client satisfaction. We understand how important it is to have peace of mind when hiring professionals like ourselves – rest assured knowing you made a wise choice!

The completion time of the work is an important consideration. How long will it take?

The length of time required for completion depends on the intricacies involved in executing a project. We prioritise speed and efficiency while ensuring that quality remains uncompromised throughout the execution process. We provide you with regular updates regarding the progress we have made or any alterations in our completion timescales caused by unexpected circumstances when we work with you.

About BPS Facilities

The Electrical and testing services offered by BPS are professional and qualified. Our electrical engineers come out to your home or business to assess the safety and efficiency of your electrical system and offer recommendations. Electrics don’t always need to be replaced, they might just need an upgrade or repair, and we will give you our honest and trusted recommendation.

Customer service is at the heart of what we do for our domestic, commercial, and industrial customers, from Wales to the South West and Shropshire to the Midlands. You can find out more about our electrical contracting services by calling us today at 029 20 484114.