Commercial Property Checks during Lockdown discussed by BPS Facilities

These are unprecedented times and whether you have scaled your business down, you have your teams working from home with no one working in your business premises, or you have had no choice but to have shut down completely then there are things you should and can think about to keep it safe, as well as preparing your business and premises for when you are fully operational again. Find out more in our Commercial Property Checks During Lockdown article.

Firstly split your checks into Exterior & Interior Checks and look out for jobs that need doing now, or will need doing in the future and use this time to ensure you are aware of the needs of your commercial building or business. For your information, be assured that at BPS we are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our teams and customers during this time and these include:

  • At this time anyone within our business who is able to work from home is
  • Our field teams are maintaining a 2-metre distance from others at all times
  • Our teams are following hand washing and sanitising rules using hand sanitiser and wipes if no hot water and soap is available
  • If any of our teams have had any symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19) they are self-isolating as per the government’s guidance
  • Our technical support centre is on hand to resolve any questions our team or you may have and this enables us to remotely fix and repair systems and equipment quickly and safely if we can or assist our teams to repair them more quickly on-site for you

Exterior Check

Be vigilant and check the exterior of your commercial property looking for anything that needs action now or in the near future including; parking facilities, landscaping, exterior paintwork, roof and the building structures, noting anything down that you spot.

Interior Check

Walk slowly around your property or business and make note of anything that you see, use this calm time when there are fewer or no people around to really establish what needs doing now or in the future. Look at walls, floors, offices, bathrooms, kitchen facilities, furniture and all interior elements when you are walking around.


Lockdown Business PremisesWhether you have no one or just a few people within your commercial property or business at the moment then it is a good idea to ensure your properties security features are working as they should be to ensure your insurance remains valid. Check your CCTV is in operation and there is nothing blocking views inside and out. Check your CCTV footage remotely if you can and on a daily basis to look out for any unusual activity. Check your gates and barriers are working effectively and locking as you would expect them to. Check your access control system is working and any unnecessary access has been removed during this time. Continue with your regular fire alarm checks to ensure each section of your system is working as it should be and check your intruder fire alarm points are all working effectively too. All of these checks should be carried out regularly during this time as it could invalidate your insurance if not and you experience a break-in or a fire.

Boiler & Air Conditioning Servicing

Now is a really good time to get your commercial boiler and or air conditioning system serviced which will prevent any damage to your boiler or repairs needed during this time, as well as ensuring you have a fully operational and effective hot water, heating and cooling system when you are back to full operation. Our BPS Gas Safe Registered engineers can carry out this work during lockdown keeping to the 2-metre distance rules and we are on hand for you if you have any emergencies.


Now is a really good time to get your commercial property or businesses electrics checked and tested to ensure everything is safe. An electrical fire can be devastating to your building and business so is something that should be checked by an electrical engineer regularly to ensure your insurance is valid. BPS electricians are all qualified to test, repair and maintain your business electrics and we are on call for any emergencies you have, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Gas & Plumbing

Ensuring your gas appliances and plumbing is properly maintained will prevent leaks, floods and property damage and our gas and plumbing team are on hand for any repairs and maintenance need you may have, and if you have an emergency we can get to you quickly to safely repair any faults or issues 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.


Deep cleaning during these unprecedented times is essential. If you still have people working within your business or building then additional cleaning should be arranged to prevent the spread of the virus and protect your teams still working. If you don’t have anyone working in your property during lockdown then this is an ideal time to arrange a deep clean ready for when you are back and fully operational, including; kitchen facilities, bathrooms, desks, machinery, cabinets, storage areas, reception areas, communal rest areas, carpets, walls, doors and windows. Also, use this time to declutter areas and get things organised for when everyone is back in and working.


Replacing or deep cleaning floors is difficult when you are operating so this is an ideal time to do either. Check the flooring in each part of your commercial property and decide if it needs replacing or if it just needs a new lease of life from a deep clean.

Internal Paintwork

Look at walls and ceilings and decide if you think it could do with a lick of paint as again this is an ideal time to get these types of jobs done when there are fewer people working or nobody at all within your commercial property or business. The smell of fresh paint and clean floors will give your teams and customers reassurance that you have taken the responsibility to ensure their environment is clean and fresh for them when they are working.

External Paintwork

Painting the external elements of your property or business will make it look much more appealing and professional to customers, staff and suppliers. Walk around the outside of your property and look for dull, flaking or marked paintwork and decide if this is something that needs to be refreshed.

Gardens & Exteriors

Weeding, planting flowers and cutting back trees and bushes will make your commercial property or business look fresh and professional and this is an ideal time to decide what you can do to improve its appearance. Having a low maintenance exterior is better when you are in business as it will cost less to maintain and never look overgrown or unkempt. Check for any dislodged paving or cracked concrete as this is a safety hazard and should be something that you resolve when you are fully operational.

Roof Checks

You will need to get yourself a roofing expert to come and inspect your roof as they will be experienced, know what to look out for and will be able to carry out your roof inspection safely. BPS Facilities have a team of roofing experts who will quickly establish if there are any repairs that need to be done immediately or any maintenance work that could be done to protect it and keep it in tip-top condition and this is something they can do during the lockdown and keep to the 2-metre separation rules.

Prevention is always better than cure and less expensive when it comes to your roof so you should never take any chances. Regular roof inspections will pick up on potential problems before they become issues that cause damage and safety issues to your property and teams.

Tiles or Slates – If any tiles or slates on your roof are damaged or missing this will expose areas of your roof and your interior to the elements which will cause damage to your property and belongings and be costly. If you need to replace or repair any times or slate then do it quickly as it will save you money in the long run.

Debris and Moss – Debris and moss gather on roofs as well as in gutters and water pipes and outlets so you should always get these checked and cleared regularly. Trees close to your roof will shed their leaves and branches at times and these will block up gutters and pipework which can result in rainwater not being able to flow as it should and be forced inside your buildings structure or the additional weight will crack guttering and pipework.

Moss and algae can build up on the surface of your tiles or slates and if left there can damage the protective surface and will eventually allow moisture and water to leak inside your property and well as grow under the tiles and slates and dislodge them.

Brittle or Loose Tile or Slate Nails – A close-up inspection by a skilled roofing company will check if you have any brittle or loose nails and should only be done by someone who has the skills and experience to ensure it is safe and it doesn’t cause further damages to the tile, slates or nails. Any rusting, missing or loose nails will identify if the tiles or slates are likely to become loose which can result in damage to the inside of your property and prevent them from falling off the roof and damaging other parts of your building or even worse injuring someone walking by.

Chimney – Your chimney should be checked for any pointing or mortar joints deterioration, loose masonry, flaking on the brickwork, wet marks on the sides of the stack, a leaning appearance or unusual holes appearing and an experienced roofing company like BPS will know the signs to look out for.

Gutters РBlocked or damaged gutters will cause overflows, leaks and drips will eventually result in cracking and the water having nowhere to go but inside the structure of your property. Leaking gutters can cause wet rot and decay to timber fascia and soffits, window frames as well as dampness to the wall structures, if any repairs needed, are not carried out within a reasonable time.

Interior Leaks or Damp – The inside of your roof should be checked regularly by an experienced roofing company as they will know the signs of any external leaks or damage that is resulting in water or dampness inside. Roof damage and deterioration are often identified from the inside condition of your roof including; signs of sagging, wet damp marks on the roof timbers, brick walls and chimney breasts, cracks in the plastered surface or brickwork, which can all indicate external leaks, dampness or structural problems.

Water Pooling – Pooling water is more likely on flat roofs and often indicate damage and a sagging flat roof structure. A large amount of pooled water on a flat roof will lead top further damage as they aren’t designed to carry the extra weight so you should always get this checked by a professional and check this yourself if you have easy access if there has been a lot of rain. A professional roofing company will check for signs of tile lines with bumps and deviations can be a result of structural issues and roof movement caused by roof frame weakness, lack of support and movement of wall plate beams.

Ventilation, Condensation & Mould – A professional roofing company will check your roof has proper ventilation which reduces the risk of condensation and mould forming. Eves with insulation or other stored items can block the ventilation outlets and can result in dampness and mould forming as well as timber rotting causing issues with the structure of your roof.

Whether you are a Factory, Leisure Centre, Library, Church, Office, Shop, Pub, Restaurant, Cafe, Office or Commercial Property owner our checklist of things you can and should do at this time are essential as well as it using your time effectively to ensure you are ready to be fully operational when you can be and your building or business is in excellent condition.

Businesses Coming Out of Lockdown

If you did not have an inspection, maintenance or service during the closedown of the premises during the lockdown, you may wish to have an inspection and/or re-commissioning team to return the premises back to fully operational. This is particularly important if you are running large electrical components or gas fed equipment that has been completely turned off.

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BPS Coronavirus (COVID-19) Actions

  • At this time anyone within our business who is able to work from home is
  • Our field teams are maintaining a 2-metre distance from others at all times
  • Our teams are following hand washing and sanitising rules using hand sanitiser and wipes if no hot water and soap is available
  • If any of our teams have had any symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19) they are immediately self-isolating as per the government’s guidance and we are supporting them
  • Our technical support centre is on hand to resolve any questions our team or you may have and this enables us to remotely fix and repair systems and equipment quickly and safely if we can, or assist our field teams to repair them more quickly on-site or you
  • For any businesses who are planning ahead, we are booking appointments for maintenance services when the isolating rules have been relaxed

Our Customised & Planned Maintenance Packages

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