Building Maintenance and Repair Services Wales and South West

BPS Facilities Management Services’ focus is providing exceptional building maintenance services. Our property maintenance team has the expertise, experience, credibility, professionalism, and integrity to schedule preventive maintenance tasks that keep your property safe and running efficiently, minimising costly breakdowns. These qualities have made us the go-to choice for a wide range of projects that encompass everything from essential repairs and maintenance tasks on small business properties to large-scale construction assignments across Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, Wales, and the South West. Our clients recommend us and return to us because they know we deliver sound, positive, and cost-effective results every time.

Exceptional Skill and Craftsmanship

In our field, reputation is everything, which is why our skilled tradesmen have all the knowledge, experience, and qualifications to deliver high-quality results on every job. As part of our commitment to excellence, every project receives meticulous attention from beginning to end. Providing exceptional service with unparalleled quality is what we do, and we work with you to remove the stress and strain of building maintenance and repairs.

Our Transparent Pricing

As a building maintenance company, we provide free, no-obligation quotes with no hidden fees or last-minute surprises. Our goal is to ensure maximum clarity throughout any standalone project or maintenance contract.

Communicating With Customers

Our team of customer-focused support staff is dedicated to our commitment to delivering exceptional service and communication and provides support for our gas-safe engineers, heating engineers, plumbers, roofers, and builders. From beginning to end, we ensure that everyone receives the best possible experience. You can reach our customer service team 24/7, and they’ll arrange for a team member with the right technical knowledge and skills 

to attend to your property for repairs and who will manage your maintenance schedules for your property.

When we first start working with you, we produce a building maintenance checklist tailored to your property, systems, and building assets, and this is how your building maintenance package is created. This will include routine tasks, maintenance schedules, reactive maintenance, any safety risks, and how we will work with you, your team, and your facility manager, if you have one. Your maintenance contract is reviewed with your contract manager regularly and updated if required. 

Health and Safety

Every job we undertake is conducted following CDM Regulations HSE 2007 (with any necessary amendments). Our customers can be assured that our skilled professionals will always put safety first and will always treat their commercial property with the utmost care. BPS has the skills and experience to carry out and manage your project from start to finish, including all the health and safety aspects required, whether it is replacing a single roof tile, replacing a bathroom, decorating an area, or building an entire new space. 

Building and Structural Maintenance

In addition to offering immediate and emergency repair services, BPS also provides long-term building maintenance and repair services. We are committed to providing exceptional service that meets all of your needs. As a client, you can rely on us for advice and recommendations whenever you need them when it comes to your property.

Your maintenance agreement with us can cover all aspects, from repairing pipework issues to performing an annual boiler service.

Our specification service ensures complete compliance in all aspects by matching existing finishes. Every time, we deliver results that exceed expectations. For more information about our property contract services and contracts, contact us today at xxx.

Whether you’re adding a partition wall or constructing an extension, the BPS Building Team can help. No matter how challenging the project may be, our team of experts can handle it and deliver exceptional results within budget and on time. You can count on us for all your construction needs.

Building Maintenance: Roofing Repair and Maintenance

Our roofing repair service covers a wide range of issues that can occur on different types of roofs. Expert tradesmen have extensive experience repairing leaks and addressing major storm damage with precision workmanship, ensuring high-quality results every time. 

You can count on our roofing team to replace or install new roofs if needed. We will advise you whether a repair, upgrade, refurbishment, or new installation is needed.

Building Maintenance: Masonry Wall Construction, Repair and Maintenance

Our team has extensive experience repairing brick, stone, and concrete walls. Any damaged or decayed structure that we restore can be enhanced with advanced restoration techniques and proven products. 

Carpentry and Joinery Repair and Maintenance 

From building reception desks and storage to hanging doors, the BPS team is an expert in joinery and carpentry solutions. No matter how large or small the project, our expertise in first and second-fix carpentry will help you reach your desired outcome.

Building Interior Property Services

We undertake a wide range of work on commercial buildings. Our services include the installation of partition walls, the building of new offices, the replacement of windows and doors, change-of-use renovations, redevelopments, suspended ceilings, small repairs, painting and decorating, and insulation works that require attention inside these structures. Our skilled tradespeople handle every project we handle, ensuring consistently high-quality results.

Building Exterior Property Services

Our team of project managers and tradespeople has the specialised skills to manage any project, from new construction to renovations. Whether you need structural work, bricklaying, pointing, or underpinning, our team has the experience to complete it.

Whether it’s damp-proofing, insulation, cladding, or rendering for commercial or domestic properties, our expertise and regular maintenance ensure quality results every time.

Building Maintenance: Specialist Concrete Repairs and Coatings

In addition to hand-placed mortars, flowable repair concrete, and sprayed concrete, BPS provides comprehensive repair services for reinforced concrete structures. Cracked and damaged surfaces can be repaired using these methods to ensure their safety and aesthetic appeal. We also provide protective coatings and mortar applications that protect your structure from harmful elements. Whenever you work with us, you can count on high-quality results.

Structural Repairs: What You Need To Know

Whether your commercial building is experiencing movement-related issues or needs structural repair, BPS can help. As part of our services, we stitch cracks in walls, install lateral restraints for bowed walls, replace wall ties, install ground anchors, and repair lintels and micropiles. We strive to keep costs low while keeping the integrity and appearance of your building intact during any remediation processes. You can get effective solutions tailored to solving defects quickly and efficiently with us as your property management partner. 

Our Building Maintenance Services:

Preventative maintenance

Reactive maintenance

Emergency and urgent repair

Routine maintenance tasks

Structural integrity assessments raising any safety issues

Efficient energy management assessments

Products and Systems Supported:

Air conditioning systems


Electrical systems

Building repairs

Electrical equipment

Boiler and heating systems

Building Maintenance

If you are looking for professional and effective property maintenance and repair services in Wales or the South West, contact our dedicated team today at 029 20 484114. We can arrange a repair or a meeting with one of our contract managers to see how we can remove the stress, hassle, time and cost of your building maintenance and repair through our bespoke maintenance contracts.